5 Faves & a Dud: 3/17/20 Edition

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Writing a blog post on Tuesday night is one thing. Remembering to hit the Publish button before you run off into FaceTime la la land… yeah. Oops. Quarantine is making me lose a few of my marbles.

5 Faves & a Dud: 3/17/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Wunder Under Crop High-Rise 21″ Luxtreme ($88) in Incognito Camo Jacquard Alpine White Starlight

Hooray! The US finally got the other half of that amazing look shared on the AUS/NZ instagram last two weeks ago. Ah, what a simpler time it was.

Favorite #2: Pace Rival Skirt / Pace Rival Skirt *Tall ($68) in Wild Bluebell

Favorite skirt out there. Double phone pockets in the built in shorts, plus silicone on the inside to help them stay put. Again with the Jet Stream already in my dresser talking me off the ledge.

Favorite #3: Sheer Thrill Mock Neck Long Sleeve ($88) in Black

Often times, I use the question of “ok so really, where are you going to wear this?” to talk myself off a retail ledge. Right now, it’s not working.

I’m going to hold out with fingers crossed for WMTM. I’ve got a mesh crew neck LS from lulu that I wear far more than I ever anticipated with a black cami underneath, so… hello I’m here for it.

Favorite #4: Free to Be Serene Bra Long Line ($58) in Wild Bluebell

It came down to a face-off, just like Glow Up, which I have totally binged on Netflix since this COVID-19 quarantine situation has taken its hold on Connecticut.

After watching that show, I feel like I’d be a prime candidate if they had Nailed It! for makeup. I’ve been wearing the makeup look for the better part of the last decade. My face is my face and that’s how it looks. What the Glow Up contestants can do? Mind blown.

The other gorgeous blue bra in contention was the Free to Be Wild Long Line. However, the slightly more supportive straps won out, because functionality FTW.

Favorite #5: Mist Over Windbreaker ($118) in Wild Bluebell

A very popular thing in the running community is coming up with one, or a handful of mantras to get you through a long or challenging run. One phrase I find myself CONSTANTLY muttering under my breath to no one, year after year?

“Wind can go fuck itself.”

Pardon my French. But, I would rather run in a 30-degree downpour than I would a beautifully sunny, dry, yet super windy day. So I’m choosing a windbreaker that I *really* wish I was wearing during today’s stupid run.

Garmin was not jiving with my actual HR, so today’s attempt at a low HR run was an annoyance at best. Also, maybe don’t eat two only Eggos for breakfast and expect to feel like you’re ready to rock and roll at 4pm after neglecting lunch.

So maybe it was partially my fault.

Wind is still lame.

The Dud: Break the Mold High-Rise Crop ($98)

I know this post is a face full of Wild Bluebell, but I’m working with what’s been uploaded this week. Because I’m definitely a bit of an hourglass shape, any designs that draw extra volume and attention to my midsection generally aren’t allowed in my vicinity.

Including the WB instead of the black, so you can see. the. shadows.

Notes From Quarantine

So I was excited for Soleil for a hot few minutes, but then I saw it in store. It’s not that I don’t like it… but, it’s slightly more muted IRL than I originally thought. I prefer more in-your-face bright shades, but if it’s your bit:

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  1. The dud looks like a paper bag, what were they thinking? Maybe it’s one of those items that looks better on a real person than the actual model, but I’m thinking not.

    I like the white camo jacquard wuc but i have some white WAFS high times that are pretty similar. Actually wearing them right now. The camo are pretty tempting though!

  2. Break the mile high rise crop!?!! Wtf is this crap!?!? I wouldn’t wear these in my flat during quarantine 😳

  3. The white camo is nice, but would be dirty in a heartbeat! Thanks for the feedback on Soleil. I almost gave in. I was really hoping for a ss swiftly or tank in wild bluebell! 🙁

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