5 Faves & a Dud: 2/25/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Hi ho to anyone new who’s come around to my corner of the internet this week, after a few of you were awesome enough to shout me out on a Reddit thread looking for new lululemon blogs. THANK YOU a million times over for giving me a chance.

I threw it in my IG stories but I’ll ask the question here too: it was put out there that the men’s space in lulu land is lacking when it comes to blogging. Is there *any* interested in a monthly (at most) recap of anything decent on the men’s side? Be honest. It’s totally ok to say IDGAF. I don’t want to spend time writing it if you don’t give a flying you-know-what about it.

Can we talk about how this week’s upload is a strong showing, despite the fact that it isn’t even the first of the month? It’s a cirque. du. SOLEIL!!!

5 Faves & a Dud: 2/25/20 Edition

Favorite #1: SOLEIL. AGAIN.

Breaking it down into 3 co-faves for the number one spot, so it doesn’t start looking like an emoji keyboard up in here.

Perfectly Oversized Hoodie ($118) / Swiftly Tech Racerback ($58) / Runderful Long Sleeve ($88)

Favorite #2: Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28″ Luxtreme ($98) in Hype Stripe Black White

Do I already own the parallel stripes? Yes. Do I want to own these too? Yes. Is it because the stripes do the thing? 100% YAAASSSSS. I know my best features.

Favorite #3: Sculpt Tank ($58) in Magenta Glow

The slit in the back. It’s different. It’s more like a Sculpt Tank I than a Sculpt Tank II, IMHO this should be labeled a Sculpt Tank III.

Sculpts are my favorite for disgustingly HOT and humid summer runs, despite that they may not be the most form-fitting and “cute” top in the bunch. I love them, and if this is the way the new versions are moving in, I’ll be stocking up.

Favorite #4: Rain Shaker Trench ($248) in Fatigue Green

Here I go getting all utilitarian again. Also, it has a chapstick pocket. A. CHAPSTICK. POCKET!!! I bow down to whoever came up with this idea.

Favorite #5: Energy Bra ($52) in Digital Oasis Alpine White Multi

The colors? They work for my kaleidoscopic wardrobe. 🙂

Favorite #6: All Night Festival Bag ($78) in Algae Green

Ah, the best part of writing your own blog is when you come up with 6 favorites, there’s no Editor around to tell you to check your math when counting to 5. This color. I’m not normally a green girl, but the the last two uploads, it’s captivated my attention.

The Dud: Cinch Me Up Front Tank ($48) in Springtime

If you want a shirt that your cat’s going to play with and make you a little bit uncomfortable when it pounces on your lady parts while you’re kicking it on the couch… GO FOR IT. Otherwise, nah fam.

Springtime cleaning didn’t get rid of the dust

Welp, I was a bit too premature last week in allowing myself to think that the dusty stuff was out the door. Between the super pastel Springtime and Lunar Rock…

I spoke too soon. Oh well. What else have we got?

  • For the Chill of It 1/2 Zip – Ivory Peach / $108 – So this is the color of those Speed Up Shorts that made a cameo last week…
  • Find Your Unwind Pullover – Heathered Core Ultra Light Grey / $108 – I’ve been into the loose yet stiff turtlenecks this winter. Truth be told if I snag this one, it will be in black. Because of course.
  • Sleek Performance 1/2 Zip Hoodie – Black / $118 – Also available in Algae Green and Magenta Glow, this equivalent to a Water Bound Hoodie with a front pouch now makes me regret not putting this in the top 5. But, I’m lazy and don’t feel like changing it. HERE’S SOME BOLD RED TEXT TO HIGHLIGHT THAT I LOVE THIS PIECE TOO. Moving on.
  • Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew – Magenta Glow / $78
  • All Tied Up Tank – Springtime / $44 – It’s getting warmer out, because the All Tied Up is starting to make its way back into the mix
  • Align Super High-Rise Tight – Dark Red / $98 – Did I miss these last week? The week before that? If I wore them, I’d be tough to miss.
  • Cates Tee – Cut Back Stripe White Black / $48 – Surprised to see this pattern uploading, still. Don’t get me wrong, I like it – I’m still surprised to see it.
  • Align Super High Rise Short 10″ – Black / $58 – I like my Align Shorts, but I’m struggling to hop onto the retro train with the longer-length bicycle short styles.

Wait what?! I just referred to styles that were made popular when I was a kid as “retro”.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

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  1. New follower here (thanks to r/lululemon!) – I’m very impatiently waiting for Thursday’s WMTM upload. As a newbie to lulu – do you have any tips/ideas for how to predict what might go to WMTM? I realize this is an impossible question to answer (except for lulu HQ employees lol). And/or do you have any predictions for what might hit WMTM this upcoming Thursday (2/27)? Thank you for posting your updates – so happy to be here and excited to continue reading your posts!

    1. As for wmtm, almost everything goes to wmtm these days, it’s not like 6 years ago when things sold out in minutes. But then again the quality isn’t what it was 10 years ago either. Color ways and such from the up,lad at the end of Jan will probably start showing up Thursday

    2. Hi Sarah and welcome! In recent years, a TON more merch hits WMTM than ever did before. Long gone are the days where there were only 30 items and they were snapped up super quick.

      There are some colors I thought would never hit WMTM (hello Jet Stream and Emerald Swiftly), but other times it backfires on me thinking no way in hell people are going to shell out for a Cashmere Vinyasa Scarf, and the waiting game cost me.

      With the return policy extended to 30 days in recent years, it’s now quite possible that some items will get marked down between the day you shopped and +30 days, making you eligible for a price adjustment.

  2. Been following for years, just a couple thoughts: I used to follow you, Suzanne (agent athleta) Cristina (lulumum/the sweat edit) and luluaddict and a few other less known lulu “what I wore/ootd) blogs… you are the only one who has stood the test of time for me, even when you go on a hiatus lol !!! I miss the regular WMTM rundowns, but I’m really liking the new Quick reviews. I like color comparisons for us oldies who have 5 shades of very similar colors in our closets. I like what has changed with core style updates and rundowns on new materials.
    I think there’s an interest for men’s things because I’ve gone shopping for my S.O. To get him in some lulu and been pretty clueless on getting him gifts without him there. However I think a man would be better to review the mens lulu for fit, style, and most importantly, performance. Women can appreciate the quality and looks but the gear needs to be tested and idk how you’d test out some anti ball crushing pants and whatnot. 😂 Maybe a monthly men’s gift guide or something but a serious technical review for men: Not for me. If you have some Bro-mies at your gym/box wearing lulu regularly maybe they could do a guest review that I could take seriously !
    Love your blog, love your humor, thanks for keeping an easy to follow format and thanks for not trying to sell me shit all the time. 💕😂 keep up the good work 😜👏🏼

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Was definitely thinking more along the lines of throwing in like “hey someone’s man may look good in these” or “my guy friends constantly rave about x”.

      Definitely not looking to create a full-on chronicle of things that I will never wear and put through their proper paces 🙂

  3. Hi! I second Reya; you’re the only Lulu blog I follow now, and I used to be checking all of them weekly. I like how you’re starting to cover Athleta more, and would love to see more brands reviewed. (I know, I know, in all of your spare time lol.)
    Regarding the men’s line: this might sound weird, but I would be interested in some items that I would wear myself. I’ve purchased some of the hoodies and now a pair of men’s joggers at the recommendation of store employees, and they’ve worked! Even though I’m petite (5’3”, Lulu size 4), some of these items actually look pretty cool on. So- from that lens I’d be interested. Although truly I like your writing style so I’d read whatever you write. 😉
    Thanks for all your efforts here.

    1. Thirding (is that a word?) all of the above. Your blog is thoroughly entertaining, well-written (grammatically and stylistically), and you do a great job with post subject variety all while being genuine. Yours is the only lulu blog I still check in on and enjoy. Guys might be interesting like as a footnote/guy pick of the week in the 5 faves and a dud. Keep doing what you’re doing, love the blog!

    2. Hi Allie – thanks for the feedback! Given that we’ve been seeing more baggy offerings on the women’s side lately, I admittedly hadn’t given much thought to the notion that some women may be shopping on the other half of the store for themselves.

  4. Thankfully, nothing for me this week–either from the upload or WMTM. I’ve had to *adult* and buy some real work clothes, so my credit card needs to cool down before swiping again.

    You must know I love your blog–good stuff here! Men’s stuff, though? I’d be down for Christina’s idea of a quick pick of the week. I’m always interested in gifts for hubby, but I mostly want to read about stuff for ME. 🙂

    1. Isn’t shopping significantly less fun when you *have* to do it? Like Christina mentioned, if I start adding it in, the men definitely won’t be stealing the show. 🙂

  5. I love your blog especially your dressing room reviews where we actually see those pieces you love, live and ON-person As far as the mens line, I have purchased things for my sons based on the looks of items alone but have no idea if what I am choosing is considered staples or trend , here today gone tomorrow to WMTM. I have no problem buying items that are made for comfort and not necessar for working out but it would be ice to know before purchasing . So maybe breaking the mens line down by category; taking one very month maybe and reviewing top 3 pieces of said category and what men like and don’t. I find it so difficult to pick out pants in the mens side for my sons as there are sooo many to pick from abc pats joggers etc etc I would love to know top sellers in that category and why

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