WMTM Alert: 2/20/20 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

Mwahahaha… patience has paid off! Polar Lights Blue Multi Scuba, I’m looking at YOU. Except I’ve been trigger happy with the online orders this last week, between the Wild Bluebell DFIA and Expedition Swiftly FOMO.

I’d sit on my hands if I didn’t need them to type up this post. Here’s a quickie overview of the best parts of today’s We Made Too Much update. 🙂

WMTM Alert: 2/20/20 Edition

I do understand I’m getting into some of last week’s items as I move down the list, but I never got a chance to write a post in a timely manner last Thursday. So… ICYMI:

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  1. The Polar Lights Scuba is so pretty, but now that I have the Plush version I’m probably never going back to the regular version. I did grab the Black/Gold LNR Speed Wunders I’ve been stalking, though. $99 is MUCH more reasonable.

    1. Have to admit the plush version *is* pretty bomb. Got my Mom one for Christmas in 2018, and she hasn’t stopped raving about it for over a year. High five on scoring the shiny fun tights!

  2. I thought of you as soon as I saw the Polar Lights Scuba on MD!!! I’m late to the space pants party, but the F&F crops popped up in my size this morning, so I ordered. I was super sad when they sold out in my size last week. Fingers crossed that they don’t get cancelled.

    I’m tempted by the black/gold speed wunders too. I ordered the silver ones mid-week. They should arrive today, so if I love them, then I’ll probably get the gold too. I didn’t notice the cropped version of the silver was on MD until this morning. I probably should have bought those instead. I wear my crops much more often than the full length leggings. Oh well. I guess these can double as casual wear with a cute sweater.

    I have a few things hanging out in my basket right now, but trying to only buy what I really, really want and not the impulsive, “it’s on MD” buys. Today was a good drop of sale stuff though!

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