WMTM Alert: 2/27/20 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

This is where I’m supposed to yammer out an interesting intro, but I’ve got nothing. I keep waking up at 5am for no good reason. Why am I waking up at 5am for no good reason? Is this what getting old is? It’s like my body wants to be a morning person.

OK FINE I will do something productive with my time. Like write this post on 2/28 but backdate it 2/27 because I’m a rebel. 😈

WMTM Alert: 2/27/20 Edition

As far as florals & fades go, some of you may be excited for these:

  • Align Pant 28″ – Nightfall Blossom Multi Align Pant Full 28 Nulu / $79
  • Define Jacket – Lavender Dusk / $89 – Size 6 only, but would go with the Aligns pretty well ^^^ #justsayin
  • Time to Sweat Crop – Dark Forest in Size 12 Only. Night Diver available in 4, 8, 10 and 12 / $69
  • Align Crop 21″ – Mini Space Dye Herringbone Jacquard Heathered Black Cherry White/Black Cherry / $69

BRB gonna go sit on my hands so I don’t buy anything I don’t need.

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  1. I ordered Energy Bra – Ombre Speckle Stop Jacquard EB Black Thermal Red / $39 It managed to get my size 8!! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  2. Have you seen the aligns nightfall blossom multi IRL? Trying to see if these are worth pulling the trigger!!

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