In 30 Seconds or Less: Lululemon Rest Less Pullover

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Yes, this is a core style. Yes, this is the first Rest Less I’ve purchased in the 7 years that I’ve been wearing lululemon. I’m not always super quick on the uptake.

This year’s edition is a rather slim fit, but I still stuck with a TTS 8. Pictured is Garnet, which IMHO is ideal for “real clothes” outfits… work out in it if you must 🙂

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  1. I love Restless! I have many…. Especially the 1/4 zip & hooded style. Awesome for running in the cool Minnesota spring & fall. Also great for layering in the winter. (and snowmobiling!)

    1. I like where your head’s at with snowmobiling! I’ve been using Swiftly’s as base layers in warmer temps, but you’re absolutely right that the Rest Less would also make a great one 🙂

  2. Restless are my favorite, the snag 10000x less than swiftlies, Im super clumsy and have snagged a great deal of my swiftlies from the last 5 years when they got thinner and more delicate. I think I have 30 restless tops by now, though the newer ones (2017-2020) are way shorter and tighter so that’s a bummer as a 5’11 chica.

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