WMTM Alert: the Best of Lululemon’s Boxing Day

lululemonWMTM Alert


Time to say something cheesy like OMG it’s the last lululemon WMTM Alert of the DECADE! The holidays & travel have been insane, but lulu wasted no time having WMTM locked and loaded before the west coast even opened their gifts on Christmas morning.

I’m not going to be able to get to ALL of WMTM in one sitting (because responsibilities) but here’s a start. If I’m able to get back with more, you’ll see UPDATED in the post’s title, or a fresh post entirely.

Happy shopping! ๐Ÿ™‚

WMTM Alert: Boxing Day 2019 Edition





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  1. Bummed I missed out on the foil long sleeve tee. I guess next year I am checking WMTM earlier than 9am on Christmas morning!

    1. I was a crazy person up at 1am browsing the sale. I saw it, and had it in my cart, but then stopped to read the reviews. Normally, I would size down to a 0, as I prefer a more fitted look, but the reviews said it ran super small. I ended up passing since I had no idea what size to get and just grabbing the Dark Red Manifesto Energy Bra for $29. The foil LS was really pretty, though!

      1. I tried it on in store and thought it ran kind of small, especially if you wanted it to fit like on the Lulu model!

      2. Ugh, that’s the worst part about final sale. Sometimes reviews are all over the place and have no idea what size to get… which sometimes discourages me from buying at all. Doesn’t lulu realize if they didn’t scare people off with no returns on WMTM that they may sell even more?

  2. Donโ€™t know why but I logged on in Christmas morning as soon as I woke up. Got more than I wanted, but happy with what I got.

  3. Happy Holidays! Saw some of the Boxing Day WMTM stuff posted early and got the red special edition energy bra (thought it was a good sale price at $29 — hopefully it will launder well!), the 3″ soft modal shorts in gray for $39 ( I live in my black ones), and the relaxed long sleeve Swiftly in purple quartz gray (thought it was a good sale price at $39). My xmas lululemon gift card lived for about 6 measly hours in my wallet!! Apparently, I have no self control.

  4. I got the purple quartz ls swiftly too! I had been eyeing in since it was released so I was pleasantly surprised when it was $39! Also, the foil ls emerald tee is back in stock in many sizes so I was able to snag it so if there is something you want but is out of your size, keep checking!

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