More Faves & No Dud: 11/26/19 Edition

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I’m still mad at the hotel internet for that “gimme $25” stunt it tried to pull on me last night. Well let’s try this again and maybe everything will behave b/c it’s Tuesday today. *pauses to check calendar*

As I was saying before being so rudely cut off… not only is lululemon putting a ton out there for us to load up on during Cyber Week, Athleta has got some serious winners in the mix too. A rainbow, swirly, reflective mix.

More Faves & No Dud: 11/26/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Athleta Swirl Reflective 7/8 Tight ($198) in Black

Kudos to whoever came up with this “I gotta have it” gem of an idea. We already know that the phrase rainbow reflective lights a fire under a lot of us. I’ve already had my next favorite on the list for a few weeks now… but with this new development I can’t choose!

Favorite #2: Athleta Rainier Reflective Leopard in Plush SuperSonic ($108) in Black

Already featured in my Reflective Run Favorites a few weeks ago, but they weren’t shipping yet – now they are. The Rainier is my favorite tight added to the run gear collection this season thus far.

Favorite #3: Athleta Headlands Hybrid Moto Tight ($128) in Black

Athleta is killing it on the mashups right now. First, the unicorn swirl got a dark and shiny makeover, and now my ultimate favorite hiking tights (the Headlands Hybrid Cargo) got the moto makeover.

My Athleta shopping cart is so deep right now. SO deep. Like, Mariana Trench deep. Current mood: Mona Lisa Saperstein. #moneyplease

Favorite #4: Lululemon Scuba Hoodie *Light Cotton Fleece ($118) in Incognito Camo Multi Gator Green

Excuse me camo cozy situation, I’d like this in my wardrobe, thanks a bunch xoxo bye

Favorite #5: Athleta Furry Balaclava Hoodie ($98) in Hibiscus Red

Shame on me for sleeping on this one for the last month or so. I’ve been denial that ski season is pretty much here, but I can’t ignore my IG feed and Ikon Pass notifications any longer.

I was able to try this LS on in store and while the neck hole is a bit tight if you’re going for casual wear, EVERY skier/snowboarder reading this ought to consider adding this hoodie into your rotation.

Note in the photos how EFFED UP my hair is from fighting to get it over my noggin. Note to self: wear a french braid if when/you buy and ride in this LS.

Favorite #6: Swiftly Speed Long Sleeve *Shine ($84) in black/silver

New Year’s Eve, but make it fitness. Also available in white/silver and a pretty lavender/silver – gonna stick with black/silver over here because it matches EVERYTHING I already own for the winter months.

I Left Off With Luminosity

With the internet being so terribly RUDE as I tried to get ahead on my posting for the week, I never got to run through the gamut of lululemon‘s luminosity foil releases from last night.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

  • Winter Warrior Bomber – Shown in dark red, love the tactical style around the collar. Add to the long list of jackets I don’t need.
  • Radiant Jacket II – Shown here in garnet. If the In Stride isn’t quite stiff enough for you. NVM the fact that the website calls it a hoodie even though it doesn’t have a hood. Whomp.
  • Define Dress – For $168 I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one. A few of you have taken notice, but the casual silver zip throws me a little for a loop. Price point seems a bit high for what you get, IMHO. It doesn’t have pockets.
  • I need to be talked off the ledge on the Breeze By Long Sleeve *Fusion. The black & crew necks are a telltale Katy Abbott special, and the angled pattern of holes on the back has me thinking I need it. I don’t need it. Showing pink so you can see details.
  • On the Fly pants I’m not here for. On the Fly Jogger *Woven? Ok fine, I’m on board with the yoggers.
  • Incognito camo multi grey, now Pace Rival Crops. Is there anything not available in black camo at this point in time? Not complaining. Pure curiosity.
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  1. I’ve got them too!! My only complaint with those amazing leopard pants is the print is so noticeable, I can’t wear them everyday without everyone knowing!! I love them so much! Like the Toasty Tech’s, but so much better with fit and seam placement. I need another pair for sure.

    I’ve been eyeing those rainbow swirl reflective beauties. So lovely!! Definitely on my wish list, along with the lavender ls swiftly *shine.

  2. I ordered the Rainier reflective leopard this past weekend with the 20% off coupon. I blame you. I was SO EXCITED about the Headlands Hybrid moto, but they lost me with the ankle zipper. As a short lady, I spend 90% of my life with an ankle tucked under a leg, and I can’t with a zipper digging into my leg all day.

  3. Also chiming in to say the leopard Rainier pants are amazing. Wearing them right now. On holiday in Norway… Will probably need to pick up the rainbow swirl ones as well. I too have a thing for buying the shiny run gear, and I have to say I prefer the athleta leopard ones compared to my Lululemon reflective polkadots and seawheeze rainbow!!

  4. Omg that mock neck dress looks identical to the wool athleta one I bought last year!!!

    Another one for your radar should be the Whittier Peak Half Zip. It doesn’t look amazing online but WOW is it great in-person. I’m so glad I bought it. The fabric is fantastic, there’s a two way zipper, and two perfect sized zippered pockets. I know you love that bold red shade and it looks great irl.

  5. Another yes to the reflective leopard – love that this year they added the fleece part – the 7/8 are the perfect long pant for my short legs

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