5 Faves & a Dud: Tuesday Routine Foiled!

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Retail bonanza season is here, whether we like it or not. My inbox has been inundated with alerts to saving this % here and special edition that, and everyone’s pushing the envelope a little bit earlier each year.

Well, lululemon is no different in that Upload came tonight (Monday) and there are plenty of on-trend shimmery options to frantically stage in your shopping cart. So yes, I’m here tonight, and I’m throwing the universe off kilter by 24 hours.

5 Faves & a Dud: 11/25/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Energy Bra High Neck ($58) in Cosmic Shift Multi

Before I get on with the metallic goggles, I’ve been waiting on this one for a couple weeks now. HOORAY!

Favorite #2: In Stride Jacket ($108) in Incognito Camo Multi Grey

Got a little bit squee when I saw the word Stride, but then realized it was IN Stride. Still, I’m a fan.

The In Stride may not have the giant Evil Kermit Hood of the OG Stride Jacket of years past, but this is an amazing option for those who feel that the neck opening of a Define Jacket is a bit too tight.

Favorite #3: Fleece & Thank You Pullover ($118) in Heathered Black/Black

The photos don’t do it justice. I found one on markdown last season, and since then this substantial pullover is my #1 ‘wear it around the house’ post-gym go to. No lie.

Favorite #4: Carry Onwards Mat ($88) in Frozen Island Ice Grey/Ice Grey

Oh hello, game changer. I like ROMWOD, I don’t like doing it without a sticky mat. I like traveling, I don’t like not having a packable sticky mat. (Hotel carpet floors, ew.)

I’ve gotten the 3mm mat, but I can’t get that in a carry on. I’ve tried The Towel… but my hands and the towel slide around. I NEED A FOLDY STICKY MAT.

*adds this to my cart too*

If there’s one thing lululemon consistently does well, it’s a nice yoga mat.

Favorite #5: Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Foil 28″ ($108) in Luminosity Foil Print Black Copper Foil

As part of tonight’s foil edit I’ve got two words: party pants. For when the Christmas cookies won out but you still wanna look festive on New Year’s.


Hotel internet is acting up. No I’m not paying $25 to connect an additional device to my room bc the device you think is new is the laptop that’s been online FOR FREE for the last 3 hours. It’s the same. Effing. Machine.

Alright Foily Manifesto

Shine runs the show this week, with the return of a slightly flashier version of the 20Y manifesto print (black and dark red) and more silver foil luminosity. First up, manifesto.

The following styles come in black and dark red:

Define Jacket Foil Manifesto

The following are only available in black (for now):

Baller Hat Run II Manifesto

As for the traditional foil, the luminosity is back in mostly silver, with some black and copper mixed in.

Aaaaaaand because of aforementioned technical difficulties there’s NFW I can get through the rest of this post on a mobile device. So, I’ll stop for now and be back tomorrow with the rest plus some awesome options from my OTHER favorite label.

Happy Spendy Week!

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    1. Omg i would love that!! Hopefully they put out the option in the Tracker short too. They seem to leave those out most times, but they sometimes surprise us!

    2. I followed Rachel’s link to the HK site and OMG the Speed Ups in Cosmic Shift Starlight Multi/True Navy are amazing!! I think I like the “Starlight” print better. Fingers crossed they release in the US in the 2.5″ version.

  1. What’s your take on the Define Dress? I am a sucker for fitted dress options by lulu (I am looking at you, &Go dress, which I own in about evry option they had back in the good old days) and I am on the verge of ordering (but pricing on the EU website sucks …)

    1. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m trying to think of a practical place for me to wear it, and I’m coming up short on ideas. Definitely going to have to go back and cruise through for a second look today.

  2. Really loving the foil manifesto WU crops, and the rest of the manifesto line. I’ll admire from afar, but super cute. If they made trackers in the black manifesto, i would probably cave and buy them.

    As for other items, loving the define dress (but $168??? seems super steep for a fairly basic dress), the green camo scuba, the rulu mock neck dress (hemmed to above knee), and the garnet trackers. It was a solid upload, and I really have no money to spend on this stuff!! I’ll survive 🙂

    1. SHAME on the internet fail for not allowing me to get as far as the camo Scuba, because I definitely want that too! Jury’s out on the Define Dress for me, still trying to come up with outfit options. Love me a good lulu dress overall, though.

      1. So I wear lulu dresses to work on a regular basis, often paired with opaque tights, leather boots, and a long cardigan. The Define is really enticing but it does look more on the casual side compared to other dresses … well, if you happen to see it and have a spare second, maybe you can throw it on?!

      2. So I caved and got the burgundy colored Define dress. It’s really flattering and lovely, easily wearable as a more casual style or even slightly on the dressy side with opaque tights and knee-high boots (sporting that look right now). I got my TTYS 10 and it’s arelaxed fit – definitely more relaxed than the Define jacket is. I don’t think I can post a pic with this comment, but I do recommend it if you get the sweat collective discount or have a gift card etc. The regular price is unfortunately steep but I reasoned that I would wear it a ton.

      3. Appreciate the intel! I haven’t been in a store in a few weeks so a lot of the newer pieces I haven’t seen in person yet. I’ll definitely keep an eye out 🤓

  3. If they released the camo scuba in the “plush” version I would snap it up. My plush scuba hoodie feels so luxurious that I no longer want to wear my regular ones.

  4. Can’t wait to see the Radiant Jacket in person! I got one last year and love it. I wonder if it has changed much from last year?

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