WMTM Alert: Kind of Marvelous

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Things have been Gwen Stefani-level BANANAS in the last week or so. But, I’m here in San Diego for Lululemon’s first ever US race, the San Diego 10K, and thanks to jet lag for doing me a solid and having me up before daybreak so I can blog a bit before my shakeout run.

Irrelevant: There are a few bites left of a Sprinkles cupcake sitting on the desk in my room and it’s taking everything I have not to eat it for breakfast right now.

WMTM Alert: 11/9/19 Edition

The most exciting part of the latest updates, MARVEL somehow made it to WMTM. Don’t ask how just add to cart.

More fun stuff? Here we go! (Said in the voice of the guy on the Hydraulic Press Channel instagram (yeah I follow some weird stuff ok)

Who wants s’mores, b/c the orange marshmallow is now marked down!

WOOOO 5:57a, time to put some running stuff on. I’ve been “tapering” too hard this week. Joanna is pacing me tomorrow and TO SAY I AM ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED OF WHAT THAT MAY MEAN AND HOW MY BODY WILL RESPOND is an understatement.

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  1. I’m eyeing the Marvel Bomber. It seems like a fun color to spice up my standard Winter wardrobe of jeans and leggings. I might head to the store to see it in person. Sometimes, the color looks maroon and sometimes it looks purple. Purpley-maroon?

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