5 Faves & a Dud: Align Up

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

My head is totally spinning. The double whammy racecation schedule that I’ve been looking forward to for MONTHS is over, and at some point while I was away, all the beautiful foliage decided to kamikaze off the trees and bite us with 18 degree weather that feels like 8. So I guess it’s winter now.

Since walking off a red-eye from San Diego Tuesday morning life has been a little bananas, and a need for decompression and couch time has been clashing with the knowledge that I AM TOTALLY BEHIND ON BLOG POSTS.

So here we are. Friday morning trying to finish this post before work, pretending it’s Tuesday night, and wow lululemon decided to go HAM on special edition Aligns this week.

5 Faves & a Dud: This One’s Late I Know

Favorite #1: Zoned In Tight ($148) in Garnet

WHERE WERE THESE in the La Jolla UTC store when I have a 25% off Runners’ Discount to use?! I love both this color and these tights.

Absolute favorite full length tights that lulu has ever produced. In ever-so-eloquent terms… GIMME.

Favorite #2: Always Alert 1/2 Zip ($118) in Black

They may not have had the tights, but they *did* have the black Always Alert in stock. The heathered options don’t really do it for me, but I’ve been in the market for higher-collared run pieces and this one fit the bill perfectly.

Wore it for the first time last night to CrossFit, I really like that it’s the nice nuluxy spacer fabric that last year’s Stopover Jacket is made of. It’s a TTS win for me. Here are the quick, untouched fitting room photos:

Favorite #3: Dash All Day Duffel ($178) in Black

It’s got a bit of a tactical look, like it will actually be able to stand up to the abuse of constantly tossing it on the CrossFit floor.

At 20L I’m not sure it has the capacity to replace my current beat up UA bag, but maybe that means I need to stop carrying so much useless crap around. Does anyone else pick up a purse/bag that you think has nothing in it but weighs like it’s a bag of rocks? You’re not alone.

Favorite #4: Free to Be Bra (Wild) ($48) in Laguna

Not quiiite sure why Laguna is being introduced into the mix with (Royal) Emerald all around. TBH I’m going to toss them in the same nice teal bucket and call it a day. It’s a lovely color and a lovely core design so I’mma shush and admire.

Favorite #5: Run Fast Gloves ($42)

Now I’m fully aware that these aren’t the super mega NEW NEW, and they first appeared in September… but I need to shout them out. All last season I’d been running in Run With Me Gloves that still let some of a breeze in. Did not appreciate said breeze and thought UGH I want hand covers but still need to see my watch.

Well, enter these. I picked up a pair this past weekend bc we went from fall to arctic blast real fckin quick. Not only is the fabric a much tighter/technical knit than the Run With Me so they’re water-repellent and warmer, the fold over cover actually keeps that breeze out once you get going. Ran 4 miles in 17°F (-8°C) yesterday morning and this girl with Reynaud’s didn’t have a single issue.

So yeah. To me these are worth the money and deserve a shout out, even if they’ve been kicking around for a while now.

The Dud: MY 2019 RACE SEASON IS OVER 😭😭😭

I’m 1000% overdue on race recaps, and right now trying to wrap my head around all the progress that I made this year. But, I have no races on the calendar and that makes me more sad than any unfortunate-looking piece of clothing can.

Ok Just a Few More

Keeping this FYI section short because I should be running out the door but I’m not even dressed yet…

  • If you missed out on the purple Linear Spray Dye In Movement Crop, Linear Spray Dye White Garnet and Linear Spray Dye White Black (which TBH looks blue).

Form Align, Please

Special fancy Align Pants are the name of the game this week. Smart move out of lululemon with gifting season coming up. Everyone and their mother loses their mind over how comfy Aligns are, so to make a few variations on the norm presents a few more options that Align addicts may ask for over the holidays.

Align Pant Special Editions, from L-R:

  • Wrap Waist – Full length, pretty in theory but slightly impractical for physical activity. The ties will get in the way of most activities unless you tuck them in.
  • Cross Waist – Crop Length, my favorite of the bunch. I hope they go up high enough not to awkwardly put my belly button on display. #tallgirlproblems
  • Love Knot – Crop Length with details erring on 7/8. The wraparound detail immediately makes me think of ballet class.
  • Keyhole – 7/8ish length, my second favorite of the bunch. I like some sass but not too much sass. These include just enough fun without getting distracting.

This week also introduces an Align Tank, but I wish there were a bit more length to it. It could, however, work out in favor of those looking to pair with high waisted items like pencil skirts in their everyday wardrobe.

All in all, I’m waiting patiently for Cosmic Shift Multi to show up in some clothing items, and I may have dropped a couple Benjamins on the Night Diver Down For It All Jacket along with the Always Alert, Cross Chill Run Ear Warmer, Run Fast Gloves and some Selfcare product while in San Diego. Ya girl needs to let her credit card cool down.

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  1. Run Fast Gloves for the WIN!!! YESSSS! I’ve been using these for a year or two now (I have multiple pairs) I love the mitten/convertible/garage part. I’m in Minnesota and it gets below zero in the winter. These are good into the teens (Fahrenheit), but not enough for me when it gets into single digits or below. Love that I can tuck away the ‘hood’ when my fingers finally warm up or if I need to use my fingers.

  2. Did not buy any lulu this week as I was having a hard time with the upload looking very similar to other items they just released. However I couldn’t help but pick up a born primitive limited edition Christmas plaid sports bra this morning. Seriously they are so cute this year! How often will I wear it before the season is over? Did I need it? Who knows. 🙂

  3. Dangit. I thought I didn’t need anything until I read your comment about the Align Tank. I actually said “HMM” out loud. It’s a re-vamped version of the Arise Tank, but I can’t remember if the old one had the option for bra pads. Decisions, decisions.

    I haven’t tried on any tights in the Cross Waist style, but I just don’t think they would be flattering. Several Gymshark collections have this feature, and I have never thought they looked good. Pass.

  4. I noticed that there was no WMTM upload this past Thursday. I wonder if they are waiting for Black Friday to put a bunch of stuff on WMTM?

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