WMTM Alert: The Mean Girls Day Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

It’s not Wednesday, so I’m not wearing pink. BUT. Happy Mean Girls Day to my fellow fans of the film! (Ok I know it’s more of a movie than a ‘film”, but alliteration’s sake that’s the term we’re going with today.)

I must be very distracted by the fact that the 5:30 fun class at CrossFit are all going to get pizza and beer after the WOD tonight, that it didn’t even dawn on me until I got home for lunch that WHOA it’s Thursday, time for WMTM!

Me: Isn’t this GIF that I made for WMTM sooooo fetch?

You: Katy, stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.

WMTM Alert: 10/3/19 Edition

  • I’m personally not a wrap woman, but if I were, $79 seems reasonable for a reversible Exaltation Wrap
  • The Flow in Elegance Tank has some flattering pajama vibes that I’m here for.
  • The Cut Back Stripe White Black Brunswick Muscle Tank has been in my favorites since August, and I’m stoked to see it down to $29!
  • If wanting a super fun Heartthrob For the Chill of It Jacket is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
  • WHO CARES what color they are because you can’t see them anyway: when Secret Socks get marked down to half price, you help yourself to some Secret Socks.
  • Hikers & runners may want to consider snapping up the Run to Reset 1/2 Zip as temperatures drop. I type this post with a numb pointer finger b/c it’s 50 out. Hooray Reynaud’s.
  • Lastly, a lulu classic, the Here to There Dress is surprisingly on markdown. Lululemon dresses are THE BEST as wedding guest pieces. They’re simple, flattering, have pockets, and are made of the perfect fabric to feel comfortable when you’re tearing up the dance floor. 2 & 4 can score black, almost everyone can pick up bordeaux drama.
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    1. Personally, rustic clay isn’t for me. I really don’t have any warm browns in my wardrobe so I often pass over this color family. On the right person, I think tops could go nicely with dark denim, but TBH I’d be wary of shadows or purchasing RC bottoms without doing the squat test first.

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