5 Faves & a Dud: Happy (Almost) Birthday to Me

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Happy October! My favorite month of the year. It’s got football, crunchy leaves, and cake. While I’m not one to run around in a tiara declaring “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH” with an expectation of special treatment for 30 days, I’m also not one of those people who hides in a corner and hope nobody notices.

I’m somewhere in between. So yeah, my birthday is coming up on Saturday and that means I’m allowed to buy myself some guilt-free lululemon this week, right? Also, donuts. You can bet that I will be treating myself to some sort of ridiculous donut this weekend.

5 Faves & a Dud: 10/1/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Align Pant II 25″ ($98) in Mini Space Dye Herringbone Heathered Black White/Black

These space dye Aligns are my undisputed champ for this week. Game set they will match a lot of things in my wardrobe. I say ‘will’, because I’ve already placed my order.

Favorite #2: Mapped Out High-Rise Tight 28″ ($128)

Lululemon’s SenseKnit engineering is one of their most underrated technologies. It was right about this time last year that the Zoned in Tight was released to a surprising lack of fanfare. I went about my business thinking they were overpriced without taking a hot minute to try them on until finding them a few weeks later at one of the NYC flagships.

SenseKnit reminds me of the old school super-compressive Under Armour Shatter Capris that I absolutely lived in from 2009-2011. UA doesn’t make them like they once did, and the SenseKnit Zoned In Tights by lululemon were the first true taste of compressive perfection I’d felt in nearly a decade. If these tights are anything like last year’s version, y’all are in for a treat.

They come in 3 colourways: basic black, or with gray or marvel detailing woven in. IMHO they look like superhero tights from the back, and I’m here for it. #GIRLPOWER 🦸🏼‍♀️

Favorite #3: Code EXTRA20 for 20% off Sweaty Betty’s Sale Right Now

I’ve been admittedly quite mum on Sweaty Betty favorites recently, but today I couldn’t help but check out the sale they’ve been emailing me about for the last few days. Right now, all sale items are an addition 20% off with the code EXTRA20, and SB, like lululemon, knocks it out of the park with free shipping (cough cough Athleta get with it).

See here the Kenza Power Crop Tank that I treated myself to this afternoon.

Original Price: $75.00 / Sale Price: $22.00 / I paid with discount (taxes included): $18.72. You read that right.

The EXTRA20 code is only good through Thursday night, so make sure you head on over to check out the Sweaty Betty Sale sooner rather than later. Perhaps you’ll make out like a bandit like I did. 🤠

Favorite #4: Pack It Down Jacket Long ($248) in Code Blue

If anyone out there wants to volunteer for the futile task of talking me out of buying more winter jackets I don’t need, LMK. My last two winters were prolific in this particular category, but Code Blue is just so arctic and majestic.

Favorite #5: Energy Bra ($52) in Royal Emerald

Someone call the postman, I’m mailing this one in. It’s not a jazzy choice, but this is a beautiful color that deserves some screen time.

The Dud: Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28″ Full-On Luxtreme ($98) in Smoky Blush

I’m curious if anyone actually expects these to be squat and cellulite-proof. Gimme those dark textured patterns, thanks.

From the Soap Box

  • Once upon a time in an upload 4 years ago (9/1/15) to be exact, I saw arm warmers for the first time and thought they were fucking stupid. Fast forward to 2019 and 7 half marathons later, I’m actually wondering if I should pick up this year’s version, the In a Flash Armwarmer, just in case it gets cold next Saturday.
  • 10/2 UPDATE: Seeing that the comments section is definitely PRO arm warmer, thanks to Sara for pointing out that Athleta also has the Sprinter Arm Warmer in stock, but in SUPER FUN NEON GREEN. Like lululemon, they’re $38, so nobody’s saving any money by choosing one store over the other.
  • Interesting to see the Ride and Reflect Bra return sans Soulcycle branding. I ended up getting two of them from the SS capsule, so I clearly am a fan of the design.

Broken Beats

The other aesthetic thrown into the mix this week is the Broken Beats Capsule. I am usually a fan of the asymmetrical details, but I wish the pieces in this capsule were a bit more form-fitting.

IMHO they may have ended up a bit more flattering. I still am on the fence. One minute I like the edgy style, the next I find myself wondering if I’d get lost in it. The collection includes:

Cozy Up

It’s not QUITE sweater weather in southern New England, but if you’re up in Canada where it’s ALREADY SNOWING (yeeeks), the wraps and sweaters are starting to work their way into the rotation. I always love me a good lululemon sweater.

  • Sincerely Sherpa Wrap – not *technically* a sweater but lulu sherpa stuff is cozy so let’s roll with it
  • Sit in Lotus Sweater – do we really need all these words to describe Heathered Frosted Mulberry/Heathered Silver Lilac/Heathered Frosted Mulberry? Asking for a friend.
  • Still Lotus Wrap *Reversible – speaking of lotus pose, I could use a good stretch.

Other Notable Newbies

So now I’m googling things to do with my yoga wheel. Yes, I own a yoga wheel. I cannot really explain why I own a yoga wheel. Damn you, Amazon. Before I run off and attempt anything wacky with said yoga wheel, here are a few more items that may pique your interest this week!

You know what, you only turn 34 once. I’m treating myself this week like I’m back on my obsessive “gotta order every Tuesday” in 2015 BS. Order placed.

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  1. Yes, you need arm warmers. Love mine. Raced 2018 seawheeze in arm warmers. And just ordered a pair of neon green arm warmers from Athleta. I’m cold natured so I start a run with them on and can take them off and stuff in a pocket if I get too hot

    1. Wait what Athleta has neon green? Ok maybe THOSE need to be my first pair. Are they really small enough to jam in a pocket? I’ve always wondered how/where I’d stuff them without noticing once I don’t need them anymore.

  2. Happy early birthday! I just have to say, they picked a killer model for those new aligns. She’s rocking them. I love seeing models with muscles and curves.

    The new dazed swiftly LS makes I think the 4th color that I want from their current selection. Barracks green, emerald, dark red, and now dazed. I already have quite the collection, and certainly don’t need to add 4 MORE!

    1. Thanks Samantha! I’ve got my fingers crossed I’ll look like she does when those pants arrive!

      I don’t have a pretty navy yet, but I’m trying to tell myself to slow my roll. I beefed up the Swiftly collection by quite a few this year and should probably make sure my fall colors from last year don’t feel neglected. Also, I just blew the lulu budget for the month on the first day of said month, so I need to cool my jets 😇

  3. Those arm warmers are Tech Fleece?!?! I want them. I don’t even run, but maybe I should start so I can have tech fleece arm warmers?

    I’m loving the space dye aligns too. Super cute!

    Happy Birthday!!! Treat yo self all month!

    1. Ohhhh yes they are tech fleece. I am thinking they may even serve nicely as an extra layer over a Swiftly & Vest instead of wearing a jacket and keeping all the sweat on the inside when the temps start to drop!

  4. Code Blue is so pretty! My wallet is safe for now, but if anything releases in my staple pieces, it’s a downward spiral for sure.

    I love your run club idea, but I don’t run–and really despise running. If you ever launch a lifting club, count me in!

    Have a happy birthday!

    1. Thanks Lacey! I still lift occasionally at CrossFit, but not with enough regularity to track my numbers and progress in the gym. Definitely doing it to supplement my running. If you ever decide to start or want to hop in for a 5K challenge here or there, you are always welcome!

      Code blue in the jacket looks dark and rich, but I remember it appearing much lighter in the Rule the Day LS I tried on back in August. I may need to see it in person again to get a real idea of what the color is like.

      1. My striped Aligns arrived today. But sadly I’m not going to keep them. ☹️
        They are so cute on but I practically had to wrestle them onto my body. The fabric was thicker than usual and didn’t have as much give in the legs and butt area. The waistband was pretty stretchy though.

        Once I got them on they fit great, but I know that they will sit in my closet because I won’t want to expend the energy to put them on.

  5. As someone who never wears aligns but has an embarrassing collection of older textured luon leggings (herringbone, stripes, Jacquard, etc)…. I LOVE the herringbone aligns. They are stretchier than my luon leggings, but offer a bit more support than regular aligns (which I avoid because they always feel a bit too delicate for my workouts of choice – teaching aerial silks/rope). I agree that they aren’t nearly as light and stretchy as regular aligns – but that’s why I like them 🙂

    1. I’m glad you love them and hopefully the October birthday girl will, too. 🙂
      I agree that it all depends on your personal fabric/compression preferences. I prefer Nulux and Nulu because they are lightweight, stretchy, and not compressive.
      That’s what is great about Lululemon’s range of technical fabrics. There is something for everyone.
      Enjoy those very cute leggings!

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