5 Faves & a Dud: Zippy Razzle Camo Fun

5 Faves & a DudAthletalululemon

On the heels of last week’s Barry’s release and the fact that it’s the end of the month, I’ll admit my personal bar was pretty low. I’ve failed to pull the trigger fast enough on a few hot sunset items, so my lulu spending has been a goose egg this month.

Speaking of not being fast enough… I hope those of you who wanted to run the Lululemon San Diego 10K signed up, because it was just announced a couple hours ago that all 5000 spots in the race have filled up.

OH and speaking of races, Lululemon sent an email to participants in the Virtual SeaWheeze race that we’d be able to shop the online showcase store coming up very soon. So yeah, if I don’t buy anything this upload my budget line will be 0 on the month, but come tomorrow I’mma get spendy. Bring it on, August!

5 Faves & a Dud: 7/30/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Lululemon Align Jogger Crop ($88) in Incognito Camo Multi Green

Maybe someone out there is sick of the yearlong trickle of incognito camo we’ve been experiencing, but I am not her. I still have yet to splurge on the Align Joggers, despite how well-received they are. It took 8 million years to get into Swiftly Tech LS and now I’ve got 20ish, so it’s only a matter of time.

Favorite #2: Athleta Farallon Camo Pant ($108) in Olive Camo

Lulu’s not the only athleisure house of power to drop camo joggers this week. Athleta’s seem a but more rugged and meant for every day wear and a little bit of tear. While incognito as a colorway is a bit more subtle, pick up the Athleta version if you want the more traditional coloring.

Favorite #3: Lululemon Tracker Short V ($58) in Razzle

Razzle McDazzle, I love this color. I scored a razzle pair of Speeds once upon a time so I’m already covered in the “your ass is super mega neon pink” department. If you do not already have yourself covered in this department, make sure you snag a pair before the next Wednesday on the calendar rolls around.

Why? You know. (I hope.) On Wednesdays we wear pink. Get in, Loser – we’re going shopping!

Favorite #4: Lululemon Baller Hat II *Soft ($38) in Frontier

Soft serve, soft hat. Soft serve has nothing to do with anything this week, but it came to mind because that’s who I am a person. I love my Baller Hats, but they are a techier fabric.

Looks like we’ve now got a softie version for that perfectly worn ball cap look. Look, I should use the work ‘look’ once more, because I haven’t used it enough. Also available in black and smoky blush.

Favorite #5: Athleta Sculptek™ Ultra Skinny Zip Jean Carbon Wash ($118)

Back on over to Athleta for my final top pick of the week. I’ve not bought a single pair of non-Sculptek denim since I discovered it last spring. I know that winter is the last thing on anyone’s minds right now, but I love the edgy zipper detail on the pockets and the ankles.

I missed out on the skinny carbon wash last season because I already have a plain black of Hudsons that have been a workhorse pair of black jeans for a few years. But now, there are fun zippers, which justifies the purchase of these in my head. Now if only Athleta would randomly throw a 20% off coupon my way, pretty please?!

The Dud: Lululemon Long for Length Tank ($48) in Diamond Dye Pink Bliss Spanish Oak

I’m doing the typing version of biting my tongue right now. Hovering over keyboard. Want to know if I should use the slightly more pleasant coffee fudge metaphor, as opposed to the less glamorous option #2.

In honor of San Diego, I am going to keep it classy. This shirt looks like you spilled a hot fudge sundae, Roomba rolled all over it and dragged chocolate all over the place, and you tried to clean it up with a white tank top. And forgot to wash it. Then you wore it, and tried to call it fashion.

From the Soap Box

I admittedly don’t have much from the top of my internet soap box to ramble about today, the day job has been 7 days a week lately.  But, a few other highlights include:

That’s all, folks… I’ll be back for more tomorrow with all the SeaWheeze fun I can manage to screenshot while frantically trying to shop for myself. 🤩

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  1. LMAO at your Dud blurb!! My Roomba actually did spread puppy poo all over the floor once, so I can attest that’s a very real thing. Love your blog!

  2. I’ve wanted to love those Aline joggers for so long but my regular size 8 is so tight in the waist and gives me a camel toes affect To the point I can’t get them off fast enough! I am a tried-and-true size 8 throughout but can’t wear these SAD 😢😢The 10’s are loose ugh And I don’t know if they stretch out so if I get an 8 And it stretches out cool but if I buy a10 not so cool cause They’ll be loose to begin with 🤣🤣🤣I need help

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