Update: Lululemon San Diego 10K SOLD OUT


7/30/19 UPDATE: Not as lickety split as a SeaWheeze registration, but in just four days, all 5000 spots available in the San Diego Lululemon 10K have been filled.


Many have considered the Toronto and Edmonton 10Ks as more accessible consolation races when the SeaWheeze lottery comes up short, and now, lululemon is bringing a race to the USA! I should have posted about on the blog earlier, because registration opened today (July 26th).


Race Date: Sunday November 10, 2019

Start Time: 7:00a PST

Registration Fee: $84 USD, includes a Swiftly Tech Racerback race shirt (Metal Vent Tech Tee for the Men)


Even though it’s a week after the double course challenge in Disney, I couldn’t help but sign up 😊


  1. I signed up too! Easy for me to get there (I live in L.A.) and a super manageable distance. I’m running SeaWheeze next month in Vancouver, so will be good to know I have another race (albeit short distance) to keep me running regularly. Thanks for your blog. It’s my favorite! 🙂

    1. I feel the same way – when I don’t have a race on the calendar, I tend to slack a little bit on training. This will keep me going as it cools off outside!

  2. I signed up too! It’s the perfect location since I live in SF and my in-laws live in SD. Thanks for all you do with your blog!

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