5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon x Barry’s

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Sometimes lulu does fun things like upload early when they’ve got a big deal to make about a new capsule. Like the Selfcare line, upload is already here before lunch time, huzzah! This week’s excitement? A collaboration with Barry’s Bootcamp. Let’s take a look at the collection first before heading down to the usual 5 Faves & a Dud rundown.

Lululemon X Barry’s Bootcamp: Women

Keeping with the red aesthetic Barry’s is known for, we’re not going to find any cool hues in this collection. Black, red, and vintage mauve make up most of the pieces; heathered black and midnight maroon make an appearance too.

Tops & Bras

Shorts & Tights

If I were to give any pieces from this capsule a go, my favorites are the Sleeveless Hoodie, Cropped Hoodie and the 28″ embossed Tight. I saw a note on Instagram earlier today from a blogger that was invited to a Barry’s event in London for the launch this morning, and was wearing the all-red embossed outfit. She noted that there while not noticeable in the red room, some sweat marks did show on the red afterward. Enough about red rooms, and orange theories, it’s time to get to the other new, yet slightly less-heralded pieces that were uploaded this week.

5 Faves & a Dud: The Rest of This Week’s Upload

My usual process when upload happens is that I scroll through, and earmark anything I like in my Favorites list before paring it down to the week’s top picks. Now that I’ve got that part down, my list is looking like a half & half between bright and blah. Amber Aura’s capturing my attention, but so is a plain old khaki jacket. Balance is good, right?

Favorite #1: Energy Bra *Long Line ($58) in Amber Aura/Halo

It’s bright, it’s happy, and I can honestly say I don’t already have a similar yellow or orange sports bra in my arsenal like it. Justification at its finest.

Favorite #2: Angle Your Strength SS ($68) in heartthrob

Keeping on the bright theme, heartthrob snuck in this week in only one piece. I’m hopeful we see more of this boom juice / pink lemonade looking hybrid. Also, the asym detail makes it fun.

Favorite #3: All Night Festival Bag 5L ($78) in Rustic Coral

Time to make the transition from bright to basic, with this calmed down rustic coral bag. I like this one for fall, which is totally going to show up faster than I think it will.

If only this were styled with a dark blue or denim color, I think this color would pop a bit more.

Favorite #4: Rain Rebel Jacket ($228) in sandlot

If I had one word to describe this jacket, it’s PRACTICAL. Anyone who picks this up will wear it for years to come. A total investment piece.

Favorite #5: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew ($68) in white/white/black

Can’t go wrong with classic stripes in non-colors. Not to mention, this colorway in the long-sleeved version says “I RUN FOR CHEESE” as the motivational quote inside the hem. Here’s hoping the shorter sleeved version says something equally awesome.

The Dud: Switch Please Shacket ($148)

Some mashups out there are mega successes. Think: cronuts. This Shirty McJacket though, nah fam. I mean, I’m not here gouging my eyes out in horror wondering what kind of quaaludes the design team was on, so that’s good. It’s still a no from me.

From the Soap Box

Can’t stop won’t stop with just Barry’s and the 5FD, I’ve got even more to ramble about:

  • Girl is WORKING it in the Muscle Love Crop Tank.
  • If a Boulevard Bliss Skirt showed up in my closet I wouldn’t be mad about it.
  • I’m hazarding a guess the All Yours mini collection has to be named because instead of stealing these basic pieces from your boyfriend, they are similarly cut and ALL YOURS. (Pictured: All Yours Hoodie)

Once again, I don’t realize how much I’ve rambled until the end of a post and go hey wow that was a bunch of stuff to recap.

Hey wow that was a bunch of stuff to recap. I need to find me a fitting room ASAP, because I’d love to take some of that Dark Red Barry’s gear for a whirl, if only in a mirror. Mall of America, Y U SO CLOSE but with my schedule lately, SO FAR AWAY?!

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  1. These random collabs – WHY?? Some of the pieces are okay, but I wish they would stop branding them for a teeny tiny customer demographic. This stuff all ends up on WMTM, so again, WHY.

    I’ve been waiting for that Amber Aura Long Line Energy Bra, but now I’m into the high heck version, so I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m going to pass.

    1. IMHO I think you’re on to something, seeing that several items from January’s SoulCycle collab is still around on WMTM. If you give people too many options, I feel like some may skip out because there’s an overwhelming amount to choose from. The 20Y anniversary collection sold out pretty quickly because there were very few items to choose from. Not every release can be SeaWheeze. I think if the collection was half the size that it is, there may be more anticipation and get shoppers racing to purchase. FOMO is a powerful thing.

      1. FOMO is a f*c#ing b•t<h. It’s ruining my life. 😂😩 but seriously yeah they need to use that as their #1 sales strategy imo ☺️

  2. IMO, I think the collaboration partners they choose are too small. At least Soul Cycle is a known name, but they don’t have studios everywhere. I had never even heard of Barry’s – had to look them up and they are only in some major cities. I’m in the Detroit area and we have neither of these studios. Seems like it would make more sense to collaborate with someone like Orangetheory. They are EVERYWHERE and at my studio – a majority of the clients are wearing Lululemon. Or even better – do a CrossFit capsule!

    1. OTF seems like a good candidate for the next one, given that they’re kind of the ‘it’ workout. As a workout Barry’s is more of the same, but if you look at the location list, it’s all in areas known for having a considerably affluent population. Out in Cali it’s all the bougie suburbs, New York we’re seeing TriBeCa, the Hamptons… it’s almost like Barry’s is OTF for the ‘popular’ kids.

      Looking at the prices, the least expensive monthly membership to Barry’s TriBeCa is $340/mo, and it goes up from there. Lululemon’s not stupid, if you can afford to work out at BB so often that you can pay that much for your gym membership, odds are high you have disposable income to spend on a few pieces of limited edition lululemon gear. Considering that, the partnership makes sense to me, even if it doesn’t have mass appeal.

      1. I completely agree with you, Katy. I thought the same thing. It’s much like the Soulcycle or Taryn Toomey Colab, which are also studios that will cost you $$. They’ve always sold “special” Lulu in the Soulcycle gyms (WU and CRBs with the logo), the colab just expanded that. There are several Barry’s in the Bay Area and it feels like it’s Orange Theory, but with a more “exclusive” crowd. In fact, they are so similar, I always assumed one was an off-shoot of the other.

        The reasoning by Lulu has to be that they are targeting those who have the money to spend on expensive classes and therefore, special outfits. Just like they aren’t going to collaborate with Planet Fitness. If you are spending $10 a month on a gym membership, then the natural conclusion is that you aren’t buying $120 pair of leggings to use there. (Not that there’s anything wrong with PF or wearing Lulu there.) Their target consumer is someone who extra money to spend on special classes and gear.

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