WMTM Alert: 7/11/19 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

Things you could do with a few dollars today:

  • Buy a Slurpee (or maybe don’t because apparently on 7/11 slurpees are free from 7-11)
  • Spend the slurpee money on marked down lululemon instead
Me, if I actually drank Slurpees.

WMTM Alert: 7/11/19 Edition

  • Fun color offerings in the Speed Up Short 2.5″ – $39, yet sizes are limited to the upper end of the spectrum
    • Hydrangea Blue – sizes 6-14
    • Jet Stream – size 14
    • Fantom Fuschia – size 14
  • I must show some self control on the Tropics Speed Wunder Under Blue Black Speed Wunder Tight *Nulux!
  • Not a half bad idea to pick up a rulu Tonka Stripe Heathered Slate White Vinyasa Scarf for $29 while everyone is sweltering
  • I really like lulu’s UPF pieces for summer, and the plain white Into the Sun Short Sleeve is marked down to $54 and available in a range of sizes
  • I’ve fallen in love with my 2014 pair all over again, so the dark adobe Dance Studio Crop III on markdown for $69 have my retail wheels turning. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they put a 10 on a girl who’s easily a 4 or 6. They aren’t meant to look bunchy like that.
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  1. Katy, I have a question. Do the WMTM things ever go down in price? For instance, if something is $48 on WMTM this week, will it ever go down to $38 after a period of time? (Assuming it doesn’t sell out at $48.) Or is the price currently on WMTM the best I can hope for?

    1. Hey there! It’s possible but not too common unless it REALLY isn’t moving. WMTM now consistently has 300+ items to choose from, as opposed to the 30-40 that were a real freaking treat back in 2015-2016. The whole reason I even started WMTM Alerts was because marked down items were a rarity and usually moved fast, so people needed that heads up ASAP.

      The exponential increase in WMTM inventory says to me that lulu is willing to hold pretty steady on price points and wait for something to EVENTUALLY sell out, as opposed to mark it down even more to get it off the shelf. If it’s something you REALLY like, have to ask yourself if the risk of not getting what you want is worth $10. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.

      There are pieces that have been marked down for MONTHS and their discounted price hasn’t budged, others have changed within a week or two. Usually it’s the former, not the latter.

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