5 Faves & a Dud: 7/16/19 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Let’s play a fun game called ‘how long of a post can Katy type before her muscles quit on her and she falls asleep at the keyboard?’

Okay, so that’s a stretch. But. After taking 5 glorious days off from working out to putz around for a little Vegas Vacation, I came back with a vengeance.

  • Friday – Race a 5K
  • Saturday – Attempted a long run, managed 3mi before the heat won
  • Sunday – Actually did 9 miles, even with the crazy heat & numerous walk breaks
  • Monday – CrossFit, maxed out on both Snatch and C&J before a spicy little DL/S2OH piece
  • Tuesday – Run 5mi before work (woke up before my alarm), CrossFit after work (ate giant bowl of ice cream earlier)
Here’s a photo of said mega pile of ice cream, so y’all don’t think I did a two-a-day for some Hoodsie Cup kiddie portion.


5 Faves & a Dud: 7/16/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Here to There Dress ($118) in Black

If you’re ever feeling like a professional wedding guest, a lululemon LBD is the ULTIMATE dream. I’m sure many readers can attest to that and already have a staple in their closet (mine is 2015’s &Go ‘Til Dawn Dress).

Originally released in 2014 and back for another round, this dress features:

  • Pockets – keep your phone and lip goo at the ready for photo ops
  • A flowy skirt – eat as many hors d’oeuvres at cocktail hour as you like
  • Techie fabric – no worries when you break a sweat while tearing up the dance floor

If you don’t yet have the all-purpose everything dress yet, there’s no better piece to pick up. Even at full price, you’re going to get a ton of mileage out of it, and your cost per wear will end up pretty low.

Favorite #2: Wunder Under High Rise Tight 28″ *Full-On Luxtreme ($98) in Parallel Stripe Black White

Speaking of triumphant comebacks, these are the pants in which the stripes do the thing. If you missed out back in December when these babies dropped on Christmas Day, it’s now Christmas in July. Ho ho ho!

Favorite #3: Cool Racerback II ($48) in Hot Sunset

Before I list a THIRD comeback in a row, let’s break it up with something that’s truly new. Hot Sunset is starting to light my favorites page UP.

Speaking of… the longer version uploaded last week, the shorter inseam Speed Up Short made its debut in Hot Sunset tonight.

Favorite #4: Ignite Bra ($68) in Black

Ok back to the reduxes. I didn’t grab an Ignite Bra when it appeared earlier this year, and now that it’s HOT AF and even I’m becoming allergic to shirts at the gym.

Considering adding another one or two long line pieces to the rotation.

Favorite #5: Speed Limit Crop 23″ ($118) in Black

I had a little bit of hesitation at first, because lulu chose to showcase Cherry Cola on the main What’s New page. Clicking through, I’m digging the ice blue and white racing stripes on the black version.

These tights are high-waisted Nulux (think Fast & Frees ♥️), and yeah, they’ve got side pockets. Also, the stripes are painted, not woven, so they won’t do a funky pulling thing in front like Tech Mesh WUPs do. Definitely an unexpected favorite. (They also come in a 28″ inseam version.)

The Dud: Feeling Femme Short ($68)

The website says these feel light as air. Of course they do. All the do is LET IN AIR. In a skirt I could work with it, but as soon as you put a weird and uncomfortable crotch in there, it just feels like something dangling in the middle that shouldn’t be there.

If you’re going to airy and free, just put on a dress.

🔥 Coming In Hot 🔥

Oh yeah, how else did you think I was going to announce this week’s influx of Cayenne? You ought to know me by now.

From the Soap Box

  • As mentioned earlier the Hot Sunset Speed Up Short 2.5″ made its debut this week. Can we talk about how cute this outfit looks?
  • I see the light coral Define Jacket and I immediately think Cape Cod. See also, the light coral Energy Bra.
  • The Black/White/Black Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew is probably the closest thing we are going to get to a camo swiftly since that crazy raspberry chevron attempt of 2015. Yeah, that one.
  • I’m not necessarily partial to the color, but we’ve got a Vintage Mauve Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew now for those who need more things to pair their rose gold accessories with.
  • It’s got to be summer vacation in lulu land. Another return piece? The Love Knot Bra
  • Hello camo fanny pack – I mean – Jacquard Camo Cotton Obsidian/Black Everywhere Belt Bag.

Nothing for me this week. I finally crawled out from under my shroud of denial after all the dust has settled on the damage I did to my poor Amex in Vegas. Damn, that city is expensive.

Is anyone picking up anything new tonight?

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  1. I almost, almost pulled the trigger on the Hot Sunset Speed Ups, but I’m tired of buying stuff at full price and seeing it marked down later—like every time. Think size 2 will sell out? It’s always a gamble.

    I bought a gently used Here to There dress on Poshmark for $45, but the crap seller never shipped. 🙁 It does look nice for work…

    I’m still hoping we get the yellow Energy Bra Long Line previewed with the Cayenne F&F Crops.

    1. Normally I’d say “if you love it, just get it”… but with the jet stream Swiftly showing up on WMTM so fast, I feel it’s a bit of the Wild Wild West now. If you have patience, here’s how I’d recommend buying yourself at least 29ish days between when you purchase and when they could potentially be marked down:

      1) Buy them at full price
      3) Wait out until you’re just shy of maxing out the 30-day return period to see if they get marked down
      4) If they do, buy the marked down pair/return the full-priced pair or ask for a price adjustment

      I was annoyed that I paid $78 for the Jet Stream Swiftly to see it marked down to $54 just 4 days later. I did exactly that, because I thankfully hadn’t detagged yet and $25 is worth a little bit of a runaround, IMHO

  2. I just started buying lululemon a few months ago (my poor bank account since then!) and I’ve been loving your blog! I’m loving the speed limit crop tights — my birthday is coming up so I might just have to treat myself to them.

    1. Once you get a taste of the lululemonade… it’s tough to stop 😂

      Happy (Early) Birthday! While treat yo’ self with things like cake is fun, new lulu lasts longer. Get the tights!

  3. I bought the swiftly speed tank last week in whitewhiteblack – i loved the coloring and didn’t know it was “different” until I caught up on your posts. I can report that I put it up against my other swiftly tanks and I couldn’t see any difference. At first I thought it might be the snazzy stripe down the back but I have another teal seawheeze swiftly tank with that same stripe from 2016. Glad that it doesn’t seem like they messed with a classic.

    This week I picked up the camo everywhere belt bag for my upcoming trip to Asia. As well as the aura (bright yellow/orange) CRB .

    Combine these with a pair of heather grey hotty hot shorts and camo align 21″ and this is the most i have spent this year (as much as March, April, May and June combined).

    1. Hmm. Maybe they didn’t make the tank any different. In the Swiftly ‘Speed’ items I’ve seen in IRL, the knit is generally tighter and the fabric’s got a bit more weight to it.

      I feel like the Amber Aura CRB will look good with your gray shorts to brighten them up. Am I going to have to finally break down and get my FIRST ever CRB2? Maybe just maybe, because I really like the color.

      Camo bag and camo pants, I feel like camo should be excused from every lulu budget because it’s a necessity 😂

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