Lululemon + Strava = VIRTUAL SeaWheeze 2019


Exciting news coming up on a Tuesday! 🥳🥳🥳

Lululemon’s been doing it for a few years now with the Ghost Race. Run real life miles, log them through a special Strava link, get a prize. Virtual races have been on the rise in recent years, aided by the plethora of apps and devices that we fitness junkies use to log those miles.


This year, lululemon’s taking it a step further and introducing a Virtual Run component to the one and only Seawheeze Half Marathon! I’m stoked, because runners who aren’t able to participate in this year’s real seawallin’ deal can still get in on the fun. Aka, me.

SeaWheeze 2019 Virtual Run: The Quick Lowdown

  • Registration Opens 7/8
  • Registration Fee: $28
  • Complete 21.1km on Strava between 8/17-24
  • Unlike the Ghost Race, choose your own route
  • You will receive a special Finisher’s medal, which will be different than the IRL Finisher’s medal

Additional info can be found on the official Seawheeze website.

I, for one, am stoked for this chance to still run along in spirit, even though I can’t make it to Vancouver this year. I’ll definitely register. Sounds like it’s open to anyone willing to run the miles and pay for the medal, and won’t be capped.

So we can Yoga at home. We can Run at home. Party? I can make my own party any day of the week.


Snowball’s chance on that, but if you don’t ask the question, the answer is 100% no.

7/28/19 UPDATE: YES. Yes yes yes yes YES virtual runners will be able to shop the online showcase!

If you’re new to the experience, the online showcase merch is not sold in the brick & mortar showcase store, and vice versa. Item limits and selections are low, and they go fast. Prepare for a bit of an adrenaline rush.

The shopping link will be sent out to registered runners on August 1. Oh, and don’t share it with anyone (all you’re doing is making your ‘exclusive’ gear not-so-exclusive).


  1. I like this idea, especially since my knees wouldn’t make it through a half marathon. It gives me the option to feel like I’m participating. I was kind of hoping for another 20% code as a reward, but the metal is cool too.

  2. Oh my God I was totally going to ask if virtual runners get a special online shopping link!! Wouldn’t it be totally cool to run AND shop!! lululemon would make a ton of money too. So sounds like a win-win to me

    1. I was hoping for maybe some online showcase access, but nah. Then again, if everyone WERE allowed to get in on the fun regardless of making the trip to Vancouver, it would probably lose a little bit of its appeal, especially for those who may end up adopting the “been there ran that spent that” MO after a while.

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