5 Faves & a Dud: Don’t Miss the Sunset

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

This Sunday, I was sitting on the couch, sliding glass door to the patio open. My place is nestled in some trees, so I generally miss out when the sky does something nice in the evening. I noticed a little through the trees that sunset was going be quite nice, but given my location I couldn’t get the full effect for beans without running through the woods and into a neighboring road.

That still wasn’t good enough, so clip clopped back inside with my flip flops on, locked all the doors, sprinted to grab my keys and bike from my car, and rode it a mile down the road to see if I could indeed get a good look at that hot sunset.

I mean… it wasn’t bad. But it was TOTALLY BETTER (I think) from where I couldn’t see it. Because that makes sense.

By the time I got over to where the trees cleared enough to see the ridge, the money shot was gone. But hey if I can’t get the hot sunset from where I live… I can at least get it at lululemon this week.

Damn. That anecdote was so much of a stretch, you’d think my name were Gumby.

5 Faves & a Dud: 7/2/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Throw It On Dress ($118) in Dark Olive

The only thing I am going to have trouble with on this dress is deciding which color I will ultimately throw in my shopping cart. My Lululemon dresses make up some of my absolute favorites, and this one looks to be no exception.

The length looks reasonable (hello office wear), and the drawstring is in the right spot. Not to mention the fabric is UV protectant. Odds are high I’ll be ordering this dress. New month = new budget.

Favorite #2: Bootcamp Ready Bra ($68) in Black

The high-neck bra is totally in right now, and my chest is thankful for reduced UV and gym floor exposure. I’ve got two high-neck bras from the SoulCycle capsule and a Free to be Serene *High Neck, both of which are nicer for lower impact activities.

Excited to see the thicker straps a la All Sport (RIP), that make this bra look like it can take absolutely any workout you put it through. Plus, the perforated panels add a nice texture to make it look a bit more badass. You can see the detail a bit better on the rustic coral, shown at right. I don’t love the price tag, but I have a feeling that this bra may be worth the extra dinero.

Favorite #3: Free to Be Bra *Wild ($48) in Hot Sunset

Give me all the core styles in Hot Sunset, please.

Favorite #4: Loop It Up Mat Strap *Eyelet ($18) in Moroccan Blue/Chlorine

I’m really here for the colors, not so much the item. The Towel and its smaller friend were also uploaded in this cute color combo. A lover of lazurite and kayak, I hope this little mat strap is a sign of bright and happy pieces to come in pieces that I can wear.

Also, now that I read the word ‘chlorine’, I’d like to book myself a bougie pool vacation, kthx. Really, though. Anyone have any recommendations for Scottsdale?

Favorite #5: Fast and Free High Rise Crop II 23″ ($118)

These uploaded last week, but seeing that my catch-up post from last Tuesday never saw the light of the internet, I’m including them here. This tall person loves longer things with high rises.

For a bit of comparison, here’s the black 23″ pair next to the jet stream Fast & Free Crop II with a 19″ inseam. I’m here for them.

The Dud: Still Movement Sweater *Linen ($138) in Elixir

Just making sure I’m looking at this and seeing what I’m supposed to see. A half pastel half neon sweater in July. Yeah. Yeah?

I was going to feature the heathered muslin one as last week’s dud, but here we go with an unnatural color that I’m not quite sure can find a happy place in anyone’s wardrobe. I actually HAVE this sweater in a non-linen variety, so I can’t hate on the style all that much… but this seems like way too much money for not enough fiber.

Other Fun Stuff

  • ICYMI on my previous post, lululemon’s offering a Virtual Run in conjunction with Seawheeze this year. People who missed out on the big kahuna for one reason or another will still be able to run along in spirit if they are able, and get some sort of medal for it. No showcase shopping though. Sorryyyyy! 🙁

I don’t know if I’m distracted, or just NOT feeling upload tonight. Technically it’s the first Tuesday of the month, so this upload should be HUGE and exciting, but I’m not feeling the jazz. Anyone else?

In other news, I’m still waiting on the Basic Balm I ordered last week. Got that Serene Stride Dress on a restock though and AHHHHH I LOVE IT!

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  1. I’m a fan of the dress too. I have a half day of work tomorrow, so might drop by the local lulu with hopes it’s there to try on.

    I’ve been really loving lulu’s to/from stuff lately. I have a ton of workout clothes, but could use more casual stuff. Everything casual I’ve bought since last summer has been a winner.

    1. I still haven’t seen the dress in person, but even a week later it’s still in my cart. I’m glad that lulu seems to be moving back in the right direction with some of the OTC stuff, b/c I too like to wear lululemon as ‘real’ clothes all the time! RIP &Go

  2. The Throw It On dress is really cute. The colors are pretty meh for me though. Too bad, it didn’t come in jet blue! I like fun dresses in summer, but I can see how they would translate to cute, comfy office wear in black, grey or olive.

    I bought some Choose a Side shorts in Elixir off WMTM last week, hoping they would be more Faded Zap-ish in color. I can verify Elixir is a strange color! Your description of pastel neon is a good one. I’d say the shorts are really pale. Kind of like I washed white shorts with some bright neon green. It’s just a tinge of color. It’s not what I was expecting. I saw the FTB in store and it was the same color as the shorts. Bummer.

    Nothing Lulu for me this week, but I did finally buy those beautiful Opal Contenders from Athleta that you reviewed a while back. They give me heart-shaped emoji eyes!!

    1. I bought the Elixir Swiftly Tech SS early on this summer, but still haven’t taken the tags off yet. Mainly with the intention of wearing it for my summer work stretch that requires outdoors and techie fabric. It’s an odd color but I think it will pair nicely with a teal like Cyprus, Bermuda Teal or my Momentum Skort from Athleta 😊

  3. I’m with you on the obsession with Hot Sunset, but I don’t like any of the current pieces offered. If/when it releases in some of my staple styles, I’ll pull the trigger.

    Just the Scarlet Energy Bra for me this week.

  4. Katy – if you get the Throw It On dress and have time, please post some try-on pics! Love to see how it looks IRL. Love the UV protection!

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