The Fitting Room: Lululemon


Time to climb back out of the black hole that work sucked me into last week! It’s a new week, so let’s rock & roll back to normal. Less chatter, more lululemon intel πŸ™‚

The Fitting Room: Lululemon

Fast and Free Short 6″ ($68) in Cyprus

These shorts are the best, minus the “rolling up when I sprint” thing. They’ve become my de facto everywhere shorts for summer weekends. Yesterday, I thought my black ones did a cool magic trick where the side pocket disappeared.

Yesterday, I learned that they also look pretty good if you accidentally put your shorts on inside out.

Time To Sweat Crop ($88) in Free Spirit Alpine White Black

Side pockets, flattering seams, a pattern to hide… imperfections. I had no reason to dislike these crops, yet thoughts of the full crops shelf in my closet reminded me that I can’t have ALL the flattering, comfortable things. You totally can, though.

Inner Glow TightΒ ($98) in Washed Chambray

These tights were easily the biggest surprise of the day. I expected them to feel stupid, but the one word that immediately came to mind was “pajamas”. They’re a thicker cottony weave, with not a whole lot of compression, but I could tell that with one wash or a few wears to loosen up the unique dye job, they were going to be incredibly soft.

As far as lighter-colored tights go, the ruching on the lower leg and and the overall look is much flattering than most other lighter options out there. The slightly uneven dye job hides cellulite more than lighter Aligns do. I approve.

Do The Daily Short SleeveΒ ($58) in Heathered Smoked Mulberry

I will not be doing this shirt daily. Or ever. Thanks to my height, it’s a full belly button on display instead of a little peek of midriff. Easy pass for taller women, despite the fact that there’s plenty of room in this TTS 8.

All It Takes Short Sleeve ($48) in Modern Stripe Heathered Medium Grey White

Crop tops may or may not be my best look, but at least it’s more flattering than the Do The Daily. This is an 8, though… so if you’re considering picking this top up, know that TTS is going to be a snug fit. If you’re in between, GO UP.

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  1. I like that All It Takes SS on you! The color is very pretty I might check that top out. πŸ™‚

  2. The All It Takes looks really good on you and the stripes are cute. The stitching on the butt of the Inner Glow Tight doesn’t look quite right – if you like that type of design check out Alo’s Goddess Leggings, they’re incredible.

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