The Fitting Room: Lululemon


So the hydration vest gizmo vest bra thing was not the only thing I tried on Friday afternoon. When you’re in a big store with tons of new drops on the rack, let’s play another round of the game called “Try a ton of things on and hey maybe don’t spend too much money when you walk out!” 🙂

Featured today:

Breeze by Muscle Crop Tank ($58) in brisk blue

Big fan of the color, wasn’t the biggest fan of the lululemon written across the front. Good news for those who are digging brisk blue, the lettering is more subtle and from farther away, so if you are loving the color and the cut, go for it… connect four! Wearing a TTS 8.

Swiftly Breeze Long Sleeve ($78) in white

When it originally came out, I didn’t necessarily dig the looser Swiftly design. While the shoulders in the main Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew run a bit small and I generally size up to a 10, this TTS 8 fits perfectly.

If the available colors brighten up, I will definitely add a few into the mix 🙂

Swiftly Speed Sleeveless Henley ($64) in black

Honestly, this was the biggest dud of the bunch. I grabbed an 8 off the rack and it wasn’t just a “slim, body skimming fit” like lululemon’s website says, it made me feel like a choked out sausage.

The neck hole was too small, and there was no room to breathe. If you order this tank, GO UP IN SIZE. I still think the style is a great idea for tennis, but how it fits simply doesn’t jive with the size chart’s recommendation.

Swiftly Speed Polo ($74)

Followed my usual long sleeve sizing rules and went up to a size 10. Polo shirts from almost ANY label always give me trouble in the shoulders.

The Swiftly Speed Polo was a breath of fresh air (literally) after the henley. The knit is the thicker variety that the Swiftly Breezes are made of, so it has a bit of weight to it without being too gauzy or transparent to show a layer underneath, like some lighter Swiftly Tech options.

If you play a lot of golf in the summer on a course that maintains a collared shirt dress code, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this polo. You get the technical fabric that helps wick sweat, but it’s not too thin that you’d need a cami underneath. You can wear it alone with no worries of your bra showing through. Size up for a more conservative/relaxed fit.

It’s a total pipe dream (get it???), but this shirt in a royal blue or bright red with a white golf skirt would look MONEY!


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  1. Not really feeling any of these styles. I like the blue color though. The polo is kind of cute, but pricey for what you are getting.

    Your arms and shoulders are looking good in the sleeveless henley! Way to go!!

    1. Thanks Stacy! 💪🏼

      While pricey I feel like the polo would be worth it to me in the right color, not for fashion’s sake but how much better the fabric would feel on a sweaty golf course in comparison to any other cotton one I own.

  2. Thanks for trying to the swiftly henley! I almost grabbed my usual (skin tight) size 2 but will def try on first. I don’t want to strangle myself.

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