WMTM Alert: 5/2/19 Edition (Part I)

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Officially freaking out because 1) my half marathon is a month from today, and 2) my keyboard is at 4% charge and I’m going to attempt to complete this entire WMTM Alert before it craps out on me.

I say Part I, because as I am scouring through this week’s selection, there’s more to write about than I can squeeze in before racing back to the office for a 1pm meeting.

So, without further ado and bc it’s an ‘alert’… wee woo wee woo wee woo! 🚨

WMTM Alert: 5/2/19 Edition (Part I)

  • When it comes to the Cool Racerback II Nulu, we’ve got $39 color options for days:
    • Heathered Ice Milk
    • Vintage Rose
    • Frosted Pine
    • Bali Breeze
    • Meisai Ice Grey Black
  • I could have sworn the Aerial Silk Tank sold out in my size in gray right away, but here it is on WMTM in both colors. Tried it on this weekend, it’s got a thicker knit to it even though it looks like a swiftly. Think like a pique fabric used for golf shirts. Fits a body-skimming (not tight) TTS.
  • Speaking of the Aerial Silk Capsule, the Grey Sage/White Aerial Silk Tight is marked down, as are the Aerial Silk Relaxed Tee and Aerial Silk Long Sleeve.
  • Another seamless tights option = the Iconic Sweat Tight, which also found its way to WMTM this week.
  • You thought I was done with the colors? NOPE NOPE NOPE
    • The lazurite Baller Hat Run is still kicking for $29
    • For only $39, the Speed Up Short Long is available in bali breeze for sure. Amalfi blue (one of my fave blues every is showing up on the summary but not item page, take your chances)
    • The Aries Speed Up Crop High Mesh are in yo face and I dig them. So do the rest of you. Size 4 only, get them while you can!
  • While dark chrome is a dull shade, I do love my Water Bound Hoodie, and DC is available for $69
  • Speaking of almost gone, the chromatic cobalt Rest Less Pullover is only left in a size 2. Get it, people!
  • I’m secretly glad the sonic pink Serve Up Some Sun Short Sleeve sold out in my size. Saves me $49 and from the Barbie vibes that I want to channel in it.

All right, that’s all the time I’ve got for now. Work work work calls 🙂

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  1. Expensive day for me on WMTM. Grabbed the In Movement Tight *Blocked in black, the Kick Serve Sweat Bra in star ruby (definitely going to wear those two together for spin class), On The Fly Short in Frontier (is it summer yet?!), and the Up High Pullover in Black. That Up High Pullover is very underrated – I LOVE my Spanish Oak one and wear it all the time to and from the gym/spin studio/as pajamas. Fits my shoulders well in my TTS, and makes me feel pretty slim with high waisted pants (which, let’s be real, is all of my pants now).

    I haven’t ordered anything in ages… though there were a few full priced items in my cart that stayed there when I checked out (the Honey Lemon LS Swiftly and full priced In Movement Crops in Deep Marine – definitely inspired by some online outfit photos I saw). So much for a low cost month :eep:

    1. Talk about striking while the iron is hot 🔥 The Kick Swerve & Blocked In Movements are going to make an awesome outfit! Now that you mention the Up High… now I can’t help but want it. Gah!

      I’m still over here wondering why I haven’t just shut up and grabbed the deep marine Swiftly already.

  2. I ended up ordering the Speed Up crops in landscape. The print was prettier than I thought with all the trees. I needed something new for all my purple and green tops.

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