5 Faves & a Dud: BAZINGA!

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I feel like such a square, because all I can seem to ramble about this week is the weather. So maybe today’s 41-degree temps and overcast skies helped me shave 3 minutes off of my 5-mile LHR (low heart rate) time today, but this girl is sick and tired of 1) looking sick and tired and 2) looking out the window at clouds.

Speaking of LHR miles, it feels strange to not be sharing a #SeaKatyWheeze series this year. Training for the San Diego Rock & Roll Half has been chugging along, and I still textually annoy Joanna (my coach) on the daily, even though she’s got far more important things to worry about right now like RUNNING THE BOSTON MARATHON. Seeing that by this time next week the race will be over, I’m saying it now:


Training has felt off kilter ever since getting sick and heading out on the road for the last few weekends, but I’m doing my best. Simply happy to be out there putting one foot in front of another on a consistent basis. Once R&R is over, I’m going to focus on getting “fast” at 5Ks for a few months before taking on the runDisney Wine & Dine Two Course Challenge (back to back 10K & Half Marathon) some time around Halloween.

You all know I could talk about running for hours, so I’m going to squash it here and dive on into this week’s picks. Onward!

5 Faves & a Dud: 4/9/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Sorel Ella Sandal ($80) in Zing

Yes, that’s truly the colourway’s name… no ifs, ands, or BAZINGAS about it. Sorel dropped the Ella last summer, and I picked up a pair in black. I wore them all summer long, the elastic criss-cross bands are incredibly comfortable and these sandals can be used to dress an outfit up or down.

I must not have been the only one who loved theirs, because Sorel’s going in on a much wider array of color offerings this year. I can’t help but wish I had the ZING option available last June before heading off on my oh-so-grammable weekend getaway to Palm Springs.

I’d say “close your eyes and imagine yourself rocking these in sandal weather” (and maybe some of you lucky Southerners already are), but then you wouldn’t be able to feast your eyes on these photos of said cute sandals.

Favorite #2: Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew ($78) in Deep Marine

Can’t turn away from such a beautiful jewel tone, which reminds me an awful lot of Alberta Lake and Nocturnal Teal. Methinks I need to add this one to the collection. Fun fact: deep marine also dropped in a short sleeve this week.

While I’m gushing on the color, let’s keep the momentum going all the way down to the bottoms. Deep marine didn’t just come to play in the Swiftly game. Other options i’m coveting include…

Whoever on the styling team paired this color with honey lemon… YOU GO, GLEN COCO!

Favorite #3: Sweaty Betty Fast Track Run Jacket ($145)

So, I have an evil genius idea on how to get spring to show up and finally stay around. Spend money on an adorable brightly-colored running jacket!

By the time it ships from across the pond (FREE because Sweaty Betty is awesome like that), Mother Nature is going to ruin all chances you have at taking it for a spin by warming it up to 70-degrees for as long as your weather app can see. Seems like a legit strategy to me, don’t you think?

Favorite #4: Lululemon On the Beat Belt Bag ($) in Poppy Coral/Hydra Blue

I know, this is a little bit of an odd choice with a Cotopaxi vibe, but I’m into it. Belt bags are here whether you like it or not, and the hands-free life is pretty damn awesome at concerts, picnics, outdoor events… you get it.

The other colourways look matted, but poppy coral has got a satiny sheen. Pair it with a contrasting band for kicks and I think it’s a fun way to jazz up a simple outfit. If you like the color combo but aren’t on the belt bag bandwagon, the Easy as Sunday Tote may be more your style for a fun summer carryall. All 19L of whatever snacks and miscellaneous crap you intend to schlep around.

Favorite #5: Lululemon Track & Train Short 8″ ($68) in black

Thanks to my big ol’ legs, I CANNOT work out in tiny spandex shorts without the inseam rolling up. Hell, I can’t even exist. The originally uploaded Track & Train Shorts have a 4″ inseam, and I’m not sure if I would be able to get them to stay in place if I tried to go for a run or bike ride.

Thankfully, lululemon’s got my back. Are the longer Track & Trains the cute booty shorts that girls are rocking all over instagram? Nope not at all. But for we tall women who try to fight the good fight against chub rub and just can’t seem to catch a break, I’m willing to give the longer option a try. 🤞 (FYI: they are available online only)

The Dud: Lululemon Lab Balzo Dress ($168) in Canyon Rock

I feel like onesies are always magnets for Dud status (I’m still thinking about that black/white floral catsuit from 2015), but I am going to skip over the Posy Jumpsuit (from the Lab, of course) and move right on to the mesh trimmed potato sack.

Can someone explain to me the part where this is supposed to be flattering? The sleeves are too long, as is the hemline. I’ll call Wilma, while I do that, can someone please get her a tie and a sharpie and complete the look?

The (Lulu) Lemonade

This week’s upload doesn’t feature too many zingers (see what I did there), but per usual I’m talking past 5 picks.

  • Stand by on the Early Morning Dress, I’ve got fitting room photos coming your way shortly 🙂
  • I am 100% that girl who carries a lululemon purse, and the On My Level Barrel Bag *Mini is my kind of ‘handbag but not’.
  • Anyone with an allegiance to UNC should probably pick up a brisk blue Mist Over Windbreaker.
  • Clear the Court Tight – I’ve got to know. Tennis court, racquetball court? Basketball court? Whichever court you’re clearing, I do think the asymmetrical design is a fun play on a high-rise black tight.
  • The Hotty Hot Short II 2.5″ is uploading as ‘new’, so let’s just go with “back in stock”
  • Lulu’s really hoping everyone digs on the Breeze By Muscle Crop Tank, because we’ve got grey sage added to the lineup (Fit Review)
  • Incognito Camo Multi Grey full-length Align Pants are (surprisingly) still available in ALL sizes, 0-14. Don’t stop get ’em get ’em 😎
  • Seems as though a polar pink Energy Bra has snuck in through the back door. Hiiii!
  • The heathered honey lemon Love Tank *Pleated is damn cute. Is that even an expression? Is now.
  • Oh hi hyacinth, you’re looking cute in the Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve.
  • Alright Geo Bra. You win. I like you a lot, except I can’t think of how or where I’d ever wear you except for in a thirst trap selfie on Instagram.
  • I’ve already gotten mad at Athleta for striped track pants, now it’s Lululemon’s turn. The On the Right Track Pant is on the wrong track for me.
  • Everyone and their mother seems to be obsessed with the Align Jogger, so if you want a lighter-colored ‘spring’ pair, Graphite Purple is here for you.
  • Fans of the color who are Align traditionalists are not left out, you can also pick up the Align Pant II.
  • IMHO if I’m going graphite purple, I’d rather carry it than wear it, aka hello On My Level Tote.
  • Digging the idea of the In Movement Tight *Blocked, but wish they’d chosen other colors for the plum shadow option. Silverscreen is a bit too cool.

Come On Ride It

Triathletes and cyclists, your annual upload is here! Usually it’s one bib and one tank, but this year there are a few options to choose from:

  • City to Summit Light Cycling Short ($98) in black or antique bark (shown above). Made from Nulux, think of them as Fast & Free padded shorts. There’s no hem, but there are silicone dots on the inside to keep the shorts in place. “Barely-there padding to keep you comfortable during shorter bike rides and indoor cycling classes.”
  • City to Summit Cycling Short ($178) not to be confused with the ‘light’ version. For an extra $80, these feature 2 side pockets plus a zip pocket, and a fancy chamois lining inside for when you’re more than woo-ing it up at the spin studio.

Oh goodness. It’s 7:28pm and I’m yawning already. Maybe it’s because I’ve been up far past my bedtime for the last two nights and I bet it’s catching up to me. Stayed up with good reason, though… for the first time ever I CORRECTLY CHOSE THE NATIONAL CHAMPION IN MY NCAA BRACKET!

WOO HOOS! I didn’t go to UVA, but the pick I made while filling out a bracket in under 60 seconds while sitting in a meeting (I work in sports so I like to think it’s okay) took me all the way to the end. Hooray!

All stock images courtesy of lululemon athletica, Sweaty Betty and Sorel

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  1. First purchase in a few months (ebay/posh not withstanding) – ordered Honey Lemon Love Tank, Graphite Purple Hotty Hots, Lilac and Petal Energy bras – have my fingers crossed that this will be the pale pink i’ve been searching for …. I thought about the Graphite Purple Love Crew but can’t quite stomach $48 for a cotton t-shirt despite loving the color (WMTM and I’m there). I laughed out loud at the Fred Flintstone – if I simply looked at Lab by itself it all looks oversize and unflattering on most of the models that are tall and thin – I’m petite so I’m pretty sure it would just look dress up. Curious about your “anger” towards stripe track pants (yup saw them at Athleta too – my “anger” would be the price point – that and my legs aren’t long enough to pull that look off. I’m interested in trying the Sorel sandal as I travel/walk a lot and am always interested in cute functional sandals – I may pop into REI to try the plain looking pairs and find out my size as I had a difficult time getting boots this winter (as it turns out sizing up was the absolute wrong direction and I went back and forth buying a 7.5 and eventually keeping the 6). Lastly I’m holding out for the neon pink energy bra I saw posted that was on a foreign site.

    1. My anger at the track pants is that there is no point in paying that much for the plain looking pants we all wore in high school (or at least I did because I was a major tomboy) – I fork dollar over dollar to lulu for pieces that make me look cute, not go back to dressing like a sloppy teenager.

      As far as the Ella’s go, I listened to reviews that said to size up and I wish I didn’t. I got 9.5s and while they felt fine wearing them, sometimes I’d catch my toes on the ground just because the shoes were a bit longer than I was used to.

  2. Nothing peaked my interest this week. I was on a streak with some brightly colored Fast and Frees for a number of weeks, but nothing this week. I keep hoping for Lazurite in the F&Fs to make it to the U.S., but I don’t think it’s going to happen. 🙁
    I like the In Movement tights, but the back view of the color blocked ones is pretty bad. I think they will make butts look strangely small and weird. I’m not putting all the work with hip thrusts and other booty builders to have a legging do that.

    1. You never know, it once took 6 weeks before seeing the pistachio CRB in the US 🙃

      I have to disagree on the black color blocked ones, I think they work well on the model. The color choice on the others falls a little flat, so I can see what you’re talking about on those.

  3. My hopes and prayers for a longer track and train have been answered! All my favorite shorts have closer to a 7″ inseam so the original 4″ sounded very suspect based on an old Gap pair I had that failed me and caused chub rub. Hooray!

  4. You had me laughing at the ‘thirst trap on insta’ Geo Bra. I think it’s such a beautiful design but I wouldn’t have the guts to wear it to workout.

    1. I really like it and prefer to wear only bras in the summer…in Texas. I would never pay full price, but I’m hoping it hits WMTM where most lab pieces go to die.

  5. Any chance you can share some photos of the Balzo dress? There’s no “real” images of someone in it anywhere online. I’m considering buying it and altering to be more flattering because I love the colour.

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