The Fitting Room: Sweaty Betty Black Strobe Power Leggings & Infield Thermal Pullover

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In the last year, Sweaty Betty has gone from zero awareness to hero in my closet. Since picking up my first pieces here in CO last year with a ski base layer set, I have yet to be disappointed in SB.

My trouble with Sweaty Betty is that their US locations are few and far between. The one in CT is over an hour away, therefore I never think to day trip it down when I’m home. Instead, I do my best to capitalize when I’m on the road, and this week I got lucky that I was out of work in time to visit the Aspen outpost before close and give a couple items a try.

Sweaty Betty Power 7/8 Leggings ($100) & Power Leggings ($100)

First up, we’ve got *the* design that I had been drooling over most since Sweaty Betty released its newest gear after the holidays. The black strobe placement print is the perfect pop of color, and I was beyond excited to see these tights in person.

Given that the Sweaty Betty I visited was a small boutique, sizes available were limited. I ended up trying on an M in both the 7/8 and regular length tights. They looked alright and felt compressive, but after the squat test it was clear that I should still be going L in the Power Leggings… even though I have a gaping waistband in my size L SB ski base layers.

LEFT: the 7/8 Legging in M. RIGHT: a Side by Side, Regular on left, 7/8 to the right.

The colors are as brilliant in real life, if not more than they come across in photos online. While the lightest shade appears in stock photos as white, it’s more of a pastel/neon yellow IRL… which the colorholic in me was NOT mad about.

Here’s the biggest difference I noticed: if you’re interested in this style because of the colors, go for the regular length tights, not the 7/8. These tights are constructed with a solid black top half, a dyed lower half, and when they are cut to go from 7/8 to full, the cut is NOT at the bottom. Instead, imagine that the pattern is cut off higher in the leg, which hikes all the fun up by a few inches.

I’d qualify the rise as mid to high, they don’t quite come up to my belly button, but I think they easily will for someone a few inches shorter than am.

There was no clear winner, so I shifted my focus that I really walked into the store for, a piece that piqued my interest earlier this week as I was writing 5FD:

Sweaty Betty Infield Thermal Pullover ($195) in black/aubergine

Here’s what I really came in for. Now years deep into the athleisure hole, I am trying to hold back on impulse buying items that are similar to something I already own, yet still allow myself the fun of getting worked up over novel pieces.

I have a f*ck ton of tights. I don’t own the aforementioned f*ck ton of slouchy mock neck pullovers with asymmetrical color blocking. Upon walking in the door, an XS and M were on the rack – being an M/L I grabbed the M and headed toward the fitting room.

Yes, this pullover is meant to be loose, but the M felt a bit like a potato sack. The drawstring along the bottom couldn’t save it, I felt like I’d headed back to the 90’s.

The neck and sleeves fit great, so I was a bit hesitant to do something as batsh*t crazy as ask for a S. But, with the way the M fit, I had to ask.

The rest of the photos shown above were an S, a size that I never in a million years would have considered for myself. Thankfully the size S arms and neck felt the same as they did in the M, and didn’t choke me out.

The fabric runs along the lines of a Polartec fleece: light and fluffy yet substantial and warm. Branding is noticeable on the back, but not enough to be ostentatious. The half neon half pastel lime green zipper? Fully functional, not for show.

So, what happened?

The tights felt good, but they didn’t feel amazing. If I do end up snagging a pair of them I will be erring on the side of my larger size.

The pullover? I did this rare thing called “only leave the store with what you went in for.” I went in for the pullover, I left with ONLY the pullover… but 1-2 sizes smaller than I would have chosen for myself if ordering online. No plans to bring it back, many plans to pop a vest over it and and high five myself for the latest unnecessary add to my wardrobe.

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  1. Thanks for the try ins. Love the sweater on you! I keep eyeing Sweaty Betty but don’t pull the trigger because I don’t know how their sizing works (and don’t live anywhere near a store).
    How does their sizing for leggings compare with Lululemon?

    1. Hi! Sweaty Betty uses the S/M/L sizing scheme, instead of numbers. That said, I am a lulu 10 and err UP on Sweaty Betty to a L (as opposed to M at Athleta), at least any time I’ve tried on any of their compressive bum-sculpting styles. The only anomaly I’ve experienced with Sweaty Betty so far is while the Power leggings run small, my size L base layer tights from last year are too big, and I fit comfortably into an M for this year’s set.

  2. Nordstrom just announced there’ll be selling Sweaty Betty!! So much easier to shop now! 😊 Not that any of us need more reasons to shop

    1. I saw that, and that’s a major win! I love the Sweaty Betty pieces I own, and hope that this offering will allow a whole new set of potential customers that chance to figure out what size they are and give this brand a try 😀

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