5 Faves & a Dud: Rainbow Sprinkles

5 Faves & a Dud

I’ve said it often and I will say it many more times until the end of, well, time. Rainbow sprinkles make the world go round. I mean, feast your eyes on this. I feasted on it IRL, and can you blame me? Donuts are the reason why my current body type feels like it’s ‘circle’. Would I do it again and figure out an alternative way to make sure my pants fit? YUP.

This is what I call HAPPINESS.

With the holidays behind us (okay, so Chinese New Year is still on the docket), semi annual sales are starting to simmer down and some new gear is coming our way. I was pleasantly surprised to see Athleta’s in Train In Color capsule brighten up my screen like the Easter Bunny was let loose in the design room.

This Week’s Favorites

From top, L-R:

The Dud

Lululemon Sumu-Su Bra ($88) in fiery red


I can’t lie. I actually had this one on the faves list for a minute. Then I actually tried to envision myself wearing this bra. Never mind. I may be reasonably stylish, but am not trendy enough to have all that going on up in front. I’d probably pull out the scissors in a fit of rage within 43 hours of owning it.

Plus, $88? Come on now. Yes I’m excited to see some lab pieces available online, but this just come on please no thank you I’m good let’s all go home now and grab a beverage.

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  1. I want every dang pair of contenders (already own the stripes and the black mesh capri from last year) but think I’m going to be good and just get the orange…

    1. I saw the colors in person for the first time yesterday, and I loved how bright they are. Yellow likely a hard pass for me (I would look like a banana), but the orange and teal caught my eye.

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