2018 Seawheeze Showcase: Online Exclusives


After a long morning and significant chunk of my afternoon was spent staring at my inbox, lululemon dropped the Seawheeze online exclusives. I got impatient (shocker) and took to Twitter to entertain myself during the wait. 🙂

The item allowance per person was upped to 5 (it was 2 last year), but the total number of items for sale was lower than last year’s online presale. Without further ado…

Love Crew III – Black

Swiftly Tech Hooded 1/2 Zip – Vivid Amber/White/Hot Heat/Black

Energy Bra – Raver Energy Bra White

Speed Wunder Tight *Nulux 28″ – Raver Speed Wunder White

Speed Up Short – Blue Chill

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew – Vivid Amber/White/Hot Heat/Black

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew – Sonic Yellow

Hotty Hot Short II – Sonic Yellow & Pink Diamond/Coralize

Swiftly Tech Racerback – Vivid Amber/White/Hot Heat/Black

Stash N’ Run Bra – Running Waves Alpine White Black/Black

Men: City Sweat Zip Hoodie – Tidal Teal

Men: 5 Year Basic Tee – Black

Last year, I missed out on a few items because of the limit, this go around I picked up 4 pieces. I got the rainbow rave tights and bra, plus the Swiftly Tech LS in both colors.

I know I’ll get a lot of use out of the yellow, I’m already envisioning pairing it with inkwell Align Pants and white converse shoes… and praying I don’t get pizza sauce on it.

The rainbow ones? I’m undecided, but the FOMO and ability to resell if I end up not detagging ultimately spurred me to buy now, analyze later. Normally I go for Speed Shorts, but the Speed Ups don’t provide as much coverage in the back. I only own the SW ones and the flamenco red.

Along with the 4 Seawheeze pieces, I also am having a tough time resisting the incognito camo drops right now. I ordered the Speed Up Crops, and a SECOND The Rain is Calling II Jacket (my size 10 arrived yesterday, too big, need to try an 8).

Today was so expensive, AMEX sent me an email about it.


    1. Me too! love the yellow – might have to pony up on ebay as it’s been ages since sizzle came out. The raver energy bra would be a must have for me as well (if only I was running and had access…..) Please do a fashion show with your new items when you get them!!!

      1. I absolutely will! Between Seawheeze gear, flamenco red and incognito camo I’ve got a lot of new additions to the collection that need the proper photo shoot/review treatment!

  1. I got the hooded swiftly, yellow long sleeve swiftly, pink hottie hottie hot short, black print tracker and rainbow leggings. Fingers crossed it looks good on me lol

      1. People were saying that it showed up before release on the website using the search function but I didn’t find that! I checked out 10 min after I got the email just before 3pm EST. The tracker print is the same as the inside of the shorts we got as part of our entry. A nice neutral!

      2. It showed up for me, I searched Energy Bra and it popped up a bit of time before the email was sent out. I started to wonder if it was a fakeout because the selection was so small. You’re in Canada?

    1. I saw on Twitter that lulu offered different lineups in the US and CAN. Were the Trackers the only difference that you saw when shopping vs what’s included above?

      Sorry for the 20 questions 🙂

  2. Lucky!!!! I totally missed out on the rainbow tights. They are gorgeous!

    I can still see the wave sculpt tank on the US side in all sizes. It’s pretty cute, but I don’t think I’d wear it. Tempting though!

    1. I do like the Sculpt and I wear mine to train in a lot, but I tend to go for the solid colors so I can wear them with jazzier prints on the bottom. I think I am going to pass on it, given how much $ I’ve already spent.

      1. I agree about the solid tanks getting more use. I tend to do the same. I’ll reach for a wild print on a bra or bottoms, but my wilder print tops usually don’t get the love they deserve.

        I think the yellow will look nice on you. Yellows seem to depend on skin tone and if yellow generally works for you, then this one will too. I could see it being very cute with some fun bottoms. I don’t think the rainbowish print above it like the floral/rainbow stripe ones on WMTM at all. These are much more muted compared to those. The floral print along with the stripe is really overwhelming IRL.

      2. The WMTM floral/rainbow was a bit too aggressive for me. These are softer, and kind of make me think of cotton candy. For all the in your face colors I wear, I’m honestly not sure if the pants will work on me – I’ve always had these odd nerves about white pants making me look big, even if I haven’t put a pair of white pants on in ages to prove/disprove my worries.

        I got the email that my order has shipped, so we will find out soon! 🙂

  3. I’m not running SW, but the only thing that looks halfway decent is the gradient LS swiftly. The rainbow speed tights looks exactly like tights that went to WMTM. Just because it is SW shouldn’t make it any more desirable. The HH shorts look just like HHs that would upload each week on Tuesday. And sonic yellow is way to bright and glaring. It looks like yellow mustard, which is an awful color IMO.

    Sorry for being so negative, but this year’s optiona are pretty terrible. That, and the replacement of speeds with speed ups, I will most likely not be seeking anything out on the secondary market post-SW.

    1. I wasn’t sure about the tights, but I figured hey I might like them, and if I don’t, unicorn -ish is so popular right now SOMEONE out there will likely want a pair to instagram the F out of them.

      The yellow I’m actually really excited about – I hope it doesn’t make me look terrible! 🙂

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