Lululemon Vending Machines Offer Free Goodies to Runners in NYC/Chicago

Image: Runner’sWorld / lululemon

So, have you ever been in such a rush that you forgot (until it was too late) one of your pre-run rituals? I’ve left for the start line of a race without my water bottle. I’ve chafed under the arms on my first time out with my hydration vest. Certain socks have resulted in unexpected hot spots, 7 miles into a 10-miler. Tolerable, yes. An unpleasant distraction? Also yes.

Well, in honor of the upcoming NYC and Chicago marathons this fall, lululemon is dropping a vending machine in each city, stationed along a popular training route, chock full of goodies that may help you out in a pinch.

How much will these items cost? They won’t. Items inside the machine go for the glorious price of zero dollars and cents. All you’ll be asked for is an email address and agreement to share on social using the hashtags #thesweatlifeNYC and #thesweatlifeCHI for each respective city.

Available goodies include socks, hair ties, water, electrolytes, run fuel, and more.

I think this is a genius idea for those who could benefit when truly in a mid-run pickle, and hope that the people in society who have inspired the phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things” don’t go on and ruin it all for everyone else.

For more details, catch the full post on Runner’s World:

Lululemon Drops Vending Machines in New York City and Chicago


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