Review: Lululemon Breeze By Muscle Tank II

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You know you’re slow on the review train when something you’ve been meaning to share makes it to WMTM. So, here goes before it’s too late! You all are in luck. I got the lululemon Breeze By Muscle Tank II in glossy a few weeks ago, and it just arrived on WMTM for $39, marked down from $58.

I picked one up for a full price a few weeks back before heading out to Joshua Tree, and absolutely loved it for hiking in 100-degree heat. So, here are some photos and quick notes to help you decide if this deal is for you 🙂

Lululemon Breeze By Muscle Tank II ($39) in glossy


Worth Noting:

  • I’m 5’9″ and wearing a TTS 8
  • It’s made of the same lightweight fabric of our favorite Swiftly Tech pieces
  • The perforation allows more breathability than a typical tank, without showing off too much of what you’re wearing underneath. For reference, I opted to wear a white Energy Bra.
  • The torso is a straight fit, so it’s a bit roomy in the midsection, but is woven tighter at the bottom hem (think the sleeves of a Swiftly LS), into what fits and feels like a non-elastic band. My hips aren’t the smallest and I didn’t feel like it was tight.
  • This tank is fabulous for wearing with backpacks – it provides protection from chafing without sacrificing breathability.
  • If you do any sort of upside down activities, it will ride up (because gravity) but won’t go all the way up to cover your face.
  • Even with big CrossFit shoulders, the arm hole openings were perfect.

So, would I recommend this tank? Absolutely yes. Desert hike tested, AthletiKaty approved.

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