5 Faves & a Dud: Valentine’s Day Edition

5 Faves & a Dud

Hooray, it’s time for the RED STUFF I wanted to write about last week. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Spending the evening with my main man, Aerus. (Yes, my laptop has a weird name. Like you expected anything less out of me.)

I used to be one of those cynically single girls who dubbed Valentine’s Day “Black [Day of Week]” until a few years ago. I decided the self pity game was getting old, I had plenty of family & friends who loved me, and I like wearing pink stuff too. So, now I dress like an idiot on Valentine’s Day, no matter if I’m in a relationship or not. If you can’t beat ’em, grab a candy heart and join ’em. At least there’s candy. This year’s gym outfit:

Honestly, I’m stoked I had enough hops to get up to the high bar and enough grip to hang onto the bar for a few seconds while my bff Jen enabled me by taking silly photos. I have been anything but ‘good’ at CrossFit lately.

5 Faves & a Dud: Valentine’s Day Edition

Favorite #1: APL Techloom Phantom Pro ($140) in red

I did an impulsive thing and was snagged by a ‘Swipe Up’ trap in APL’s IG stories this morning. I’ve been wanting 100% red shoes for a bit, and was waiting for an in-your-face color to happen to give APL a shot.

APL TechLoom Pro Red.png

Here’s the thing, these kicks this morning were listed at $160, and that’s my order went through at directly from the APL site. Managed to snag 10% off the price with the discount code WELCOME, taking the price down to $144 w/shipping & handling on the house.

HOWEVER, when I went to grab the link for this post, the full price for these shoes is now listed as $140, just hours later. I already emailed APL to ask if they were willing to do a price adjustment before I simply cancelled and reordered. $20 is more than a trip to Starbucks, so it’s worth asking the question. I’ll update this post with the customer service experience once it happens.

UPDATE: Within 24 hours, APL got back to me, apologizing for the mix-up and said they’d refund the $20 to my credit card within 2-3 days. Hooray!

* a full hour on the clock passes *

Serious writer’s block going on here. I’ve just spent the last hour trolling the usual suspects for new red things that I like, but NOTHING is jumping out at me! Talk about a failing endeavor.

Did you know: Coach Justin said today that a 5000m Long Track Olympic Speed Skating race taxes your body the equivalent of a 6-MINUTE wall sit with perfect form. My legs cried as I typed that.

F the activewear, I’m really having trouble with this post tonight. Here are some other fun things that have happened lately:

Favorite #2: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

I spent some time in Columbus this weekend, and I have to say that any locals reading this have got a pretty good thing going for themselves. Not only is the region home to Rogue Fitness and a lululemon warehouse, but to some seriously good food.

From L-R: the Matterhorn, Goat Cheese w/Red Cherries, Coffee w/Cream & Sugar

I’ve only been drooling over Jeni’s on Instagram for a solid 5 years, and have had to talk myself out of joining the Pint Club on more than one occasion. I FINALLY got to give it a try this weekend. The Verdict: More, please. ASAP and thank you.

Favorite #3: the Awkward Yeti’s Heart & Brain ($8.02 on Amazon)

102417_SelfControlThe Awkward Yeti is one of my favorite internet comics. Heart is always so damn relatable, and I can think of no better occasion than now to share how much I love this adorable little cartoon.

There’s a H&B book available on Amazon for purchase, or you can give the account a follow @theawkwardyeti on Insta for amusement free of charge. 🙂

Favorite #4: lululemon Stride Jacket II ($118)


My head’s been a bit all over the map with a pile of things going on outside of the retail world, so I have to admit that I haven’t been focusing too much on “new lulu YAY!” lately.

Matter of fact, I went into lululemon this past weekend with full intention of trying things on and having some fun, but nothing in the store jazzed me. However, on the way out I spotted this throwback on the rack. I’ve had a Stride II since 2014, and still wear it around a ton. I consider it old school lulu, and am happy that someone at HQ felt it was a good idea to sell them again.

If 2014 you missed out on this staple, your patience has paid off!

The Dud: Facebook and its notifications

Going out of order for a moment so we don’t end this post on a sour note.

Facebook, Seriously. Each time I tell it not to show me a certain type of useless notification, the robot overlords out in Menlo Park come up with something even more mundane to throw the red dot at me with. It’s getting ridiculous. Facebook, I’m about to quit you and your shenanigans.

Back in my day (cough cough circa 2004), that red dot MEANT something!

Favorite #5: YOU

Good Grilled Cheezus did I *really* go there? Yes, I did.

In the spirit of the holiday once again, I might as well go unabashedly soft on those of you who have made it this far down today’s list with me.

I know that my posts are only sometimes useful, and always nerdy. Not always on schedule, or there at all. Despite some of the rough patches I’ve faced in the last year with content, work scheduling & struggling to maintain a healthy balance in life outside the blogosphere, the support I receive from everyone out there when I get my sh*t together and post something thoughtful makes my day.

I’ve even been lucky enough to meet a few of you over the course of the almost three (!!!) years I’ve been writing this blog, and it makes me feel damn good to know I am able to provide even a few minutes of mindless entertainment for women just like me who want to tune out from the BS of the world, even if it’s just a post about something like a gym outfit.


So, from the top of this random (ok so it’s Aspen) mountain and the bottom of the valleys I’ve found myself in during the past year… to all of you reading out here, THANK YOU for your love and support. <3




  1. I agree! It’s always exciting to see a new post from you! Sometimes, I save them for a moment when I can really tune out life and ponder what I *need* to add to my closet.

    The pic of you abive swinging from the bar in a briggt outfit made me smile. Thank you for this blog. I look forward to each and every post even if I don’t always comment. Happy Valentine’s Day! Can’t wait to see the new red kicks!

  2. We love you Katy! Thanks for posting and we’ll always look forward to it.

    Btw, seeing you in speeds makes me want to wear them again! I haven’t worn a pair since Octoberish and can’t wait to put them on again. It’s still kinda chilly in NC for my taste to wear them just yet in my gym (plus I need to slather on some healthy glow real bad first).

    1. But what if I’m an old nerd? I always prided myself on being young and hip but in the last 2 years or so, I may be falling out of touch with that the youths consider ‘cool’ 🙂

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