5 Faves & a Dud: 1/10/18 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

It’s the return. to. NORMALCY! How do I know this? I went to the grocery store last night, and there was nobody planted outside the entrance trying to guilt me into making a holiday donation or sell me things. It’s just plain ol’ January.

Last night, lululemon sent out the usual email saying “it’s baaaack”, and I got excited that it was some sort of incredibly popular 2012 style coming back to life. Nah, it’s the Taryn Toomey collection whose dusty colors put me to sleep.

I know that dusty rose is the insta-stylish color right now, but I always have been, and always will be a technobeam kind of girl. Speaking of internet stylish… does anyone ever use Pinterest anymore? As hard as I tried, I just never got into it.

5 Faves & a Dud: 1/10/18 Edition

Favorite #:1 Awakening Bra ($52)

The real letdown for me on all the Taryn Toomey stuff isn’t the style, but the color scheme. It’s sleepy. I wish this bra came in either black or a brighter shade of anything. A+ for aesthetics, D- for color selection.

Favorite #2: Swiftly Tech Racerback ($58) in cool breeze

You never know how much a good baby blue matches everything in your closet until you own one. Of all the colors I own, I’m 92% sure that my tranquil blue LS gets significantly more wear than all the other colors I own. This. Pretty. Buy it maybe?

Favorite #3: Speed Up Crop ($88) in jet stream

The fact that these are listed simply as luxtreme and not fullux makes me go hmmm… but they could be a flattering wardrobe add if they pass the squat test for you.

Favorite #4: Swiftly Tech LS ($78) in foxglove

LW3MEDS_031595_1I was told recently: “Katy, your bed looks like a funeral!” upon sharing a photo of my unpacked suitcase. I don’t really wear much color in the winter, and I like to think that something demure like this qualifies bringing a pop of color into my completely dead and black winter wardrobe.

Favorite #5: Swiftly Tech SS ($68) in pink paradise/black/lavender/blue

Looks like Swiftlies are running the table this go around. I just got this striped action in long sleeves last week. The TT collection is hogging valuable space on the What’s New page, and there’s just nothing else jumping out at me. Happy to see stripes jumping back into the mix on Swiftlies. Better than that ghastly raspberry glo light idea from a couple years ago. Glad that one is behind us.

The Dud: lululemon Meant to Move Tee ($) in two close to tell/care

Oh, OH! I mean… heathered blazer blue (L) and heathered cosmos (R). Trust me, royal blue is my favorite way to pop color into an outfit, but do we really need two shades of blue that might as well only differ because someone changed out a light bulb in the studio? Talk about a waste of real estate both on the website and in the warehouse.

In Conclusion…

You know how when you get a bug, and when you think you’re ready to eat again you start small with things that you know are safe like ginger ale and crackers? Well, lulu has been my ginger ale and crackers this week.

I went through lulu and spent $0 a couple weeks ago, but then dropped some cash at Athleta on a few things, so I need to share those soon.

But, last week in Iowa I did walk out of lulu with the black/pink Swiftly Tech LS and the Simply Wool Sweater. I’ve worn (but not yet washed) the Simply Sweater in the past week, and quick first thoughts are that it’s worth the money.

After one more zip code change this week, I will find myself in the same spot for a few weeks, and am looking forward to settling back into a sense of normalcy and continue sharing all sorts of fun and randomness with all.

Happy New Year!



  1. Glad you are back – I’ve missed your commentary even though the only things Lulu I’ve bought lately have been deeply discounted outlet bras. I’m still shopping my new purchases in my closet from 2017! I’ve settled into a new paradigm of Lulu for bras and tanks, Athleta for outerwear and streetwear, Alo for pants and miscellaneous brands for fun yoga pants in prints (popsicles anyone?). I’d love to hear a year in review from you. Also looking forward to your Athleta haul. I did a bit of damage during their sale + 20% post-holidays. Curious how your year ended up. Thanks for 2017 and for branching out.

  2. Regarding your “dud,” when I see items in almost the same color but with different names, it makes me think that the fabric manufacturer made some mistake in the dye for a particular fabric lot and sold the fabric to LLL at some major discount or gratis. Then, rather than just storing (or giving away) the fabric for some later use, they just re-label the color as something different and hope customers won’t notice how similar the colors really are….

    1. I think you are probably right there. I was thinking that they put the wrong shirt on the second model and didn’t notice it.

    2. I would guess you are right as well. If Lulu was smart, they’d hold on to the “mistake” fabric for at least a year before releasing it. Then at least people who missed out on a color the first time around, could purchase this new, similar color. I’m surprised the marketing team thinks it’s a good idea to keep putting out these twin colors at the same time. I remember the same thing with Flash Light vs Grapefruit, followed soon after by Pink Lemonade.

      And the return of the TT collection as “new” seriously annoyed me. It must be an overstock of product they are trying to move or some hiccup in at the manufacturer made a bunch of the order show up super late. It seems like if the collection was that popular (that Lulu would make more), they would have released the product in new colors or added some different designs.

      I’d love to see reviews on your Athleta purchases.

  3. Have you seen the other new striped long sleeve swiftly called dark maritime/black/lavender/blue? It also looks very pretty!

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