Faves & Duds: lululemon x Forster Rohner

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I know it’s a non-lulu week, BUT Monday came around, and so did some special edition designs. Some are ok, but one I immediately took to Snapchat to lay my bitmoji over to express my disdain, and I wasn’t about to hold onto that gem for another 7 days.


Let’s take a look-see here on this week’s new patterns:

Embellished Multi = LIKE

An icy blue reminder of any movie character that breathes once and spreads frost like there’s no tomorrow, it’s a little busy. But, black & blue is a combo I almost always take to, so I like this one.

Embellished Multi is available in:

Special Edition Embroidered Items

Black lace is usually reserved for halloween costumes, ball gowns and lingerie. It can have an elegant look, but I’m not sure how elegant I need to look or feel when I’m breaking a sweat.

Perhaps if you go to a fancy yoga studio or barre class, this is the vibe you’re looking for. Black and lace are available:

Return of the Tech Mesh

A very popular design is back in heathered black and plain black. Everyone loves them, they look pretty snappy. Just don’t try and squat in them.

With all those panels, there are a lot of seams – which limit your ability to bend and move comfortably. For this reason, it’s unlikely I’ll ever own any tech mesh unless it’s on mega sale or gifted to me.

Overlace Ice Grey Multi = FAVE

Anyone else notice how lulu always seems to add the word ‘multi’ to a pattern name when they don’t know what the f*ck else to call it? Regardless, this is my favorite one of the Special Editions released this week.

Overlace Ice Grey Multi is available in two pieces:

Lululemon Takes on Carbon38’s Takara

Carbon38’s been selling out of their liquid-looking Takara Leggings, and now lululemon’s hopped in on on the sheeny shiny fun with the Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight *Sheen.

They aren’t 100% sheen, but I like the paneling. If I could think of a place to wear these, I’d probably take a chance on them and splurge.

Fluorolace Multi = DUD

Here we have it, ladies. This is the one my bitmoji can’t even handle.

It looks like they colored in that busy Seawheeze shorts pattern from this year. The colors aren’t cute, and there’s too much going on here.


If this is the type of vibe you’d like to give off, Fluorolace Multi is available in:

No thanks.

While We’re Here…

Might as well continue on with some other notes while I’ve got upload in front of me:

  • While generally a little pricey, lulu’s sherpa things generally are pretty thick and warm, if you can do without the luxury of water resistance. Got the Stand Out Sherpa Jacket & Stand Out Sherpa 1/2 Zip
  • I don’t like dark colors heathered with white. For that, the Swiftly Wool Pullover is an easy pass.
  • Generally not a bomber jacket girl (recently failed with the North Face Rydell Bomber – more on that later) but I appreciate the cute & shiny on the Non-Stop Bomber Reversible.
  • My opinion on the Embroidered to You Pullover keeps oscillating between love and nope. Right now, I like it. Ask me again in 4 hours. Same with the Embroidered to You Hoodie.
  • Stony Grape is a cute attempt at calling the new Fast & Free Crop II color what it really is… periwinkle.
  • Save your money on the Double Up Pouch. I got my hands on one a couple weeks ago in store, and the material it’s made of feels like plastic. Felt very cheap.
  • Bummer to see the Full Freedom Bra shoved all the way down to the bottom of the page. It’s a cute offering that got overshadowed by the silly prints of the week.
  • Bodysuits are a thing this season, and lulu’s got two options for you in the Full Freedom Bodysuit: black and black cherry.

With the latest idea in grouping models together in product shots, there are a few items not for sale yet that I’m eyeballing, but I guess I’ll wait until they’re available to gush.

Even with a reasonable amount to talk about this week, anyone going for cute new clothes, or is everyone saving their cash for discounted shoes and giant f-ing televisions this Friday?

Also: side note on Black Friday shopping. Last year, I went around 7:45a to lululemon. It was pretty nice, because the psychotic midnight shoppers burn out by 4am, and the “F this I’ll go at noon” people haven’t woken up yet. Really wasn’t all that bad.

If I don’t get another post up before Thursday, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE!


AthletiKaty out. 🙂


  1. I plan on doing all my Black Friday shopping online, since I’ll be at work! 😀😀 Also, that floral print is not cute!!

    1. Now that it’s one day in the mirror, I can say that I actually did 0 Black Friday shopping this year! Something about not having the merch in front of me helps beat the impulse buy mentality back into submission.

    1. Lulu loaded up WMTM on Tuesday/Wednesday or so, but the selection and deals are no bigger or more exciting than the regular discounts they have during the rest of the year. I’m very disappointed in lululemon for advertising a Black Friday sale, when it ended up 100% business as usual. Nothing special about it.

  2. QUESTION! I’m late to the party to ask this question, but I’m hoping you see it. Have you seen what the overlace pattern looks like when looking at the person straight on from the front and back? Does it tend to “add width” because of the pattern on the sides (or maybe have the opposite effect?) Thanks!

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