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Once upon a time, I thought joggers were stupid. Many older versions featured a drop crotch that made me feel both uncomfortable (chub rub, hi) and, well… stupid. Some of lululemon’s newer designs began to fix that problem, and I unexpectedly found happiness in the Fresh Tracks Pant last winter.

Since then, I hadn’t gotten any other joggers up until a few days ago. Last month, lululemon uploaded the Run On Jogger in a tweedy-looking knit that immediately had me wondering if they could loosely pass for dress pants.

I invite you to play along with me and help me come to a conclusion. Dress Pants or Nah?

Review: Lululemon Run On Jogger ($108) in ringspun denim black white

Note: I am 5’9″ and wearing a TTS 10 in these photos.

The Fit: Did anyone else jump on the UN-tight train earlier this year? I did, and that was my first thought when I put these joggers on for the first time. The top of the Run On Jogger fits like the Out To Lunge Untight tight. Snug enough to stay up if you order TTS, but just loose enough to leave you wondering if you should have sized down.



As far as the rise goes, the Run On Joggers don’t go high enough or taper enough in the midsection to qualify as High Rise, but they go up a bit farther than you may expect from a mid-rise. Given my height, they may go up even higher on more petite shoppers. Coverage is good, but these tights do not give you the ‘held-in’ sensation that is typical of high-rise designs.


The Details: Now, you’ll notice in the photo above that there’s a zippered pocket on the right leg. Thankfully, it blends in due to the contrast in the ringspun denim pattern. This detail stands out more with the solid colors. At any rate, it doesn’t hold much. The pocket’s lining is thin and breathable, and the side pocket extends towards the BACK, to keep it smooth and stop anything you may zip in there from causing an awkward bulge on your quad.

Turn around and on the left leg, you’ll find a slanted reflective detail, which again blends in with the ringspun, yet stands out on solids. It’s not lulu if it doesn’t feature an omega. I like to trick myself into thinking people won’t notice the lululemon logo on the left calf unless they’re looking for it.

The Length: These joggers go all the way down to my ankles, so they can be considered ‘full’ length. I opted to cuff the hem to give them a little more volume, and to end up at an appropriate 7/8 length to go with the ankle boots I was determined on pairing these pants with.

The Fabric: Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that these pants are made from super soft rulu. The ringspun denim pattern is thankfully a weave, not a print, making it thicker than a solid rulu option. Also, the fibers aren’t all the same weight, so these have a sweater-feeling texture to them.

The Verdict: With all the shopping I did last Sunday, these were the first piece of the lot I immediately grabbed and popped the tags from. I sit here posing the question to you about if this pattern can pass for dress pants or not, but I actually wore them to the office before asking the internet if I could or should.

Totally ninja kick capable.

They’re roomy without being baggy, and with the thicker knit I feel like these pants are a great way to feel that yoga pant comfort without necessarily wearing a skintight pair of pants that leaves nothing to the imagination.

While I wouldn’t necessarily call the solid colors of the Run On Jogger anything to write home about, the rinsgpun denim weave takes these from boring to a way to sneak a very comfortable yet somewhat refined piece into your casual wardrobe.

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  1. So the Fresh Tracks must be like a gateway drug to joggers. They got me hooked too. When I last looked at these I either passed right over the rignspun denim or they werenโ€™t out yet. I definitely was looking at the black and wondering how noticeable the reflective stipe would be at work. I passed. These I may have to check out because Iโ€™m a sucker for rulu. Thanks for the review.

  2. Hm. I think the bag in the knee needs more structure to pass as a dress pant, otherwise this textured pattern definitely looks work worthy. Have you tried with a black blazer?

    1. True story on the baggy knees… I did try the blazer approach. I think it could be a nice look, but for some reason the blazer I tried it with just wasn’t playing along that day.

  3. So because of this post I now might be the owner of said pants….they are totally being worn to work. Thanks for the post. I didn’t even give them a second look originally!

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