The Fitting Room: Lululemon On the Go Poncho & Rest Less Pullover

A weird thing happened this past weekend. I walked into my local lululemon store and only recognized one Educator who was working there on Sunday afternoon. You know it’s been a long time when.

I really only went to give the Run On Joggers a go, but figured while I was in there, I better grab a few items and not completely squander the opportunity to share with you how some current offerings fit.

Lululemon On the Go Poncho ($118) in black

Wraps & ponchos seem to be a thing lately, just not my thing. Nevertheless, I took one into the fitting room with me because it’s completely out of line with my non-chic personal style.

It was kind of entertaining trying to flop it around to find the head hole, and accept the fact that there are no arm holes. When I got it on and straight, I actually thought to myself, “hey, I actually like this thing!”

The knit is very heavy, and it indeed is like wearing a cozy blanket. I mainly had airplane wardrobe on the brain and started to consider that maybe I’d spend the money on this. But then… common sense kicked in. The open sides were still a bit breezy, and it wouldn’t work with wearing a jacket or a backpack.

While I unexpectedly ended up liking the poncho, the practical voice in my head told me to leave it behind.

Lululemon Rest Less Pullover ($88) in nile blue

The Rest Less got a makeover this year, in both styling and fit. The only thing that’s remained unchanged (aside from the name) is that it’s still, in my opinion, serving the purpose of a thicker Swiftly.


Shown here is a TTS 8, which ran a bit snug. I like a little more room in my techie long sleeves, and normally prefer a 10 in Swiftlies. If I were to take home a Rest Less, I’d likely size up to a 10 too.

The sleeve length and thumb hole placement work for taller women like me, which isn’t always the case.

The fabric itself is a thicker and tighter weave, one that I would liken to how lululemon’s seamless crops from the past are constructed.

What ultimately turned me off was the texture and the fact that the torso was a little short for me. Reviewers on lulu’s website have been sharing varying feedback that this year’s version is anywhere from 2-4″ shorter than RLPs from prior seasons. Shortened torsos are a deal breaker for me.


You covertly took 2in out of the Swiftly Tech LS bodice 2 years ago, don’t think we didn’t notice. [See: You Didn’t Get Fat, Your New Swiftly LS Shrunk] Skimping on fabric in the name of ‘design updates’ but keeping the retail price the same? That’s one way to save $ in the supply chain, I guess.

//end rant

Needless to say, I did not add a Rest Less Pullover to my collection this weekend.


  1. As a petite aka short girl. Ithere are so many things that can not be hemmed and anything that is knit will never look good hemmed (if it can even be done.) I lose all thumbholes/cuffing, my pants never fit at the ankle after hemming, and lots of cute details etc. many designs esp long sleeves just look like tunics. I’d like to see a variety of lengths and designs.


  2. I have to say as a shorty, there are actually a lot of Lulu pieces I can’t wear because hemming 5-8 inches off of a garment tends to render it an entirely different piece and rather pointless. Why they can’t offer short/regular/tall is beyond me


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