The Fitting Room: Lululemon On the Go Poncho & Rest Less Pullover


A weird thing happened this past weekend. I walked into my local lululemon store and only recognized one Educator who was working there on Sunday afternoon. You know it’s been a long time when.

I really only went to give the Run On Joggers a go, but figured while I was in there, I better grab a few items and not completely squander the opportunity to share with you how some current offerings fit.

Lululemon On the Go Poncho ($118) in black

Wraps & ponchos seem to be a thing lately, just not my thing. Nevertheless, I took one into the fitting room with me because it’s completely out of line with my non-chic personal style.

It was kind of entertaining trying to flop it around to find the head hole, and accept the fact that there are no arm holes. When I got it on and straight, I actually thought to myself, “hey, I actually like this thing!”

The knit is very heavy, and it indeed is like wearing a cozy blanket. I mainly had airplane wardrobe on the brain and started to consider that maybe I’d spend the money on this. But then… common sense kicked in. The open sides were still a bit breezy, and it wouldn’t work with wearing a jacket or a backpack.

While I unexpectedly ended up liking the poncho, the practical voice in my head told me to leave it behind.

Lululemon Rest Less Pullover ($88) in nile blue

The Rest Less got a makeover this year, in both styling and fit. The only thing that’s remained unchanged (aside from the name) is that it’s still, in my opinion, serving the purpose of a thicker Swiftly.


Shown here is a TTS 8, which ran a bit snug. I like a little more room in my techie long sleeves, and normally prefer a 10 in Swiftlies. If I were to take home a Rest Less, I’d likely size up to a 10 too.

The sleeve length and thumb hole placement work for taller women like me, which isn’t always the case.

The fabric itself is a thicker and tighter weave, one that I would liken to how lululemon’s seamless crops from the past are constructed.

What ultimately turned me off was the texture and the fact that the torso was a little short for me. Reviewers on lulu’s website have been sharing varying feedback that this year’s version is anywhere from 2-4″ shorter than RLPs from prior seasons. Shortened torsos are a deal breaker for me.


You covertly took 2in out of the Swiftly Tech LS bodice 2 years ago, don’t think we didn’t notice. [See: You Didn’t Get Fat, Your New Swiftly LS Shrunk] Skimping on fabric in the name of ‘design updates’ but keeping the retail price the same? That’s one way to save $ in the supply chain, I guess.

//end rant

Needless to say, I did not add a Rest Less Pullover to my collection this weekend.


    1. Same. Would have gotten nile blue in a size up. Have already voiced my displeasure to lulu via Twitter, and it looks like the reviews section on their website has been quick to point out the same.

      1. If the sleeves are long then the length should match. I’d have jumped on this if you told me the arms were too short.

  1. As a petite aka short girl. Ithere are so many things that can not be hemmed and anything that is knit will never look good hemmed (if it can even be done.) I lose all thumbholes/cuffing, my pants never fit at the ankle after hemming, and lots of cute details etc. many designs esp long sleeves just look like tunics. I’d like to see a variety of lengths and designs.

  2. I have to say as a shorty, there are actually a lot of Lulu pieces I can’t wear because hemming 5-8 inches off of a garment tends to render it an entirely different piece and rather pointless. Why they can’t offer short/regular/tall is beyond me

    1. Agree – just in this small comments section alone, there’s proof that not all of us fit one template. If it works for you, it probably doesn’t work for me and vice versa.

    1. Thanks Sheena! I wore actual jeans for once – they’re the Paige Verdugo Ankle, I think deep indigo is the wash. Picked them up at Nordstrom Rack last season 🙂

  3. Just because shorter people can get things hemmed, that doesn’t mean it fits! You can’t hem sleeves. You can’t just cut off a chunk off the legs and expect the knees to be aligned on a shorter person. LLL makes most things to fit their almost 6ft models! And that’s just the “regular” fit stuff. They even have “TALL” versions for some stuff. Sure there’s Asia Fit but its very very limited.

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