5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 9/5/17 (-ish) Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I add in the -ish, because I kinda sorta have been living under a rock since getting back from Seawheeze. Nothing says “Welcome Home!” like immediately diving right into back to back to back 80-hour work weeks. Long story short, lulu’s been on the back burner of my mental stovetop for the past few weeks, so everything is all new to me.

5 Faves & a Dud – Lululemon’s 9/5/17 Upload

After my Seawheeze bender, I’m good on the lulu for a bit. It’s frustrating to scroll through upload for the first time in weeks and see the same moody dark color palette, but the bright side of it all is that I don’t feel tempted to splurge on much. Maybe one thing. Or two things. Maybe.

Favorite #1: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew ($78) in viola

I’m supposed to hate on all these dark colors, but I can’t help that dark purple works for me… at least what all those “use these colors to make your green eyes POP” eyeshadow palettes from the drugstore led me to believe throughout my young life.

Favorite #2: Fast & Free Crop II ($118) in aeon

When the black grape Fast & Free Tights came out earlier this year, I held my breath for when the crop would be released in a deep purple. I held my breath for so long that my face turned a deep purple and the black grape crops never happened. BG manifested itself in the form of Pace Rivals, but after trying them on I simply couldn’t go back to luxtreme after getting so happily acquainted with nulux.

Finally. Finally! I may have to #treatyoself to these crops. 🙂

Favorite #3: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew ($68) in amalfi blue

LOOK! It matches my Metcons! No, I don’t run fancy TV cameras for a living. They just allow me to carry them around sometimes. What you can’t tell by this photo is that my right arm is about to fall off.

Yeah, I know. This uploaded a couple weeks ago. BUT, I haven’t written about it yet, so I’m adding it in because I BOUGHT IT IN CANADA AND I LOVE IT AND YOU SHOULD GET ONE TOO.

Favorite #4: Rain Haven Jacket ($228) in pelt

Being an outerwear-aholic, it’s no surprise that I like this jacket. Maybe I was a meteorologist in a past life.

Favorite #5: Press Pause Pullover ($98)

I can’t make my mind up over which color I like, but this is one of those pieces that you buy when you look in the mirror and realize that ratty old hoodie from 2001 needs to be retired.

The Dud: Deep Stretch Bra ($48) in dusky lavender

There were a few on the What’s New page that made me do the “eeeeek, nope” cringe face, but alas this one takes the cake. Looks too much like unsupportive low-end department store skivvies. Something about it just doesn’t seem very flattering to me.

I know this post isn’t much, but I hope to climb out of the vortex of work craziness soon and get back to normal!

In the meantime, what are everyone’s favorites from the past few weeks that I may have missed? Do tell! 🙂


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