#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 18 Recap

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Eighteen short weeks later, we’re oh so close to crossing the finish line. In less than 14 hours, I will have a Seawheeze finisher’s medal around my neck.

So, this past week. What have I been doing leading up to the big race? Traveling, running, and eating a bunch of carbs and calling it ‘race fuel’. Heheheheh.

#SeaKatyWheeze – Week 18 Recap

Day 120 – Sunday 8/6

Rest/Travel Day

Sunday was a long one. Wake up in Boston, drive home, drop one suitcase and make sure I didn’t forget anything in the other, and off to the airport I went. My first flight was fine, the second got whacked with a 90min delay. No funsies, but at least I got to test out my Seawheeze playlist while standing in line. If it keeps me jammin’ out while doing something mindless like standing still in ATL, then it *should* keep me jammin’ out while I’m putting one foot in front of the other for 2 hours straight.

Day 121 – Monday 8/7

Run 3.5mi

I went to Denver to see alt-J (yes, them again) at Red Rocks on Monday night. Snuck a short run in early before going and having WAY TOO MUCH for brunch at Foolish Craig’s up in Boulder. That said, if you’re into brunch… you should go to Foolish Craig’s in Boulder.

One of the great things about Colorado is that there’s so much green space. There was a park nearby where I was staying, so it was an easy quarter-mile jog over, 6 laps which where just a over a half mile in length, and a nice jog back.

Day 122 – Tuesday 8/8

Run 4mi

On the road again… woke up in Denver and ended up in Salt Lake City. My 4th major city inside of 6 days.

Fueled by a road trip lunch of a Wendy’s Frosty, 6 chicken nuggets and some caramel M&Ms (side note: OMG SO GOOD THEY ARE LIKE ROLO’S IN A CANDY SHELL), I went for a scenic afternoon jog… which again, like Denver, didn’t offer much in the oxygen department.

At one point I was waiting to cross the road… look left? Mountains. Look right? Oh, there’s the Great Salt Lake. However, scenery couldn’t fix the fact that this was just a mediocre run. Better to get it out of my system now before Saturday.

Day 123 – Wednesday 8/9

Run 3.25mi

…on the Seawall! HELLOOOOO CANADAAAA. Wake up in SLC, hop a one-way flight to YVR! Once I found a delicious lunch and settled into the place for the weekend, it was time to don those gym clothes and hustle along the Seawall for my first of 2 runs in Vancouver leading up to the race.

Unfortunately, there have been wildfires in BC, leaving a terrible haze of smoke cast over the city. It’s a bit depressing to look out, unable to see the opposite side of the harbor when it was so beautifully clear and blue last year.

The run itself went alright, even with the smoke and the fact that there’s some movie filming around town that stopped ped traffic intermittently on the foot path, interrupting my mile 3 mojo. Then, after texting her non-stop for how many months now (?) I finally met my coach Joanna in person! Hooray!

Day 124 – Thursday 8/10

Rest Day

I rested my legs, but I didn’t exactly rest my credit card. I also discovered that Canadian fire alarms sound different than American fire alarms.

Day 125 – Friday 8/11

Run 3mi

2017 SeaWheeze Showcase Haul


Step 2) Forget you have to do a shakeout run until you meet up with your coach that morning

Step 3) Go for said shakeout run and feed oddly good about it. A quick 5K at 9:19/mi later, my training for Seawheeze is COMPLETE.

Day 126 – Saturday 8/12

RACE DAY // Run 13.1mi



Time for this girl to hit the hay so she can wake up tomorrow and (attempt to) run like the wind.

This Week’s Mileage: 13.75 miles (not including  the race) // #SeaKatyWheeze Cumulative Total: 351.75 miles

350+ miles. Starting from my front door, if I run for 350 miles, I would end up in Canada. So maybe a different province from the one the race is taking place in… anyway. In preparation for running IN Canada, I ran the distance it would take to get TO Canada.

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  1. I saw from IG you got a PR! It must be the zippy!

    I was so excited when I saw all the color unfortunately the stores have not one stitch of color in them. I went to the new outlet here in Mass. and my local store. Black, black, dark gray, white and more black. Now I do love my black, it’s a wardrobe staple but it’s high time we see some color! The weekly What’s New email was touting all the new color but….they were far off the mark.

    Can’t wait to read the SeaWheeze recap. 🙂

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