2017 Seawheeze Showcase Haul

2017 Seawheeze Showcase Store Haul

Welp, another year another showcase store. Thankfully, lululemon listened to the feedback we had on all the drab Seawheeze patterns from 2016 and seems to have righted the ship. Hooray!

This year, we saw a 10 item limit on apparel & bags, and I did *not* think I’d actually have to pause and count my items before heading for the checkout lane. Well, color me naive, because I took home a host of great stuff that I plan to wear fairly often.

Jet stream blue, zippy green & grapefruit were the 3 main bright colors featured in the showcase this year, and all are colors that already have a presence in my frequent rotation at home. Therefore, I already own a bunch of things to mix & match with the new findings. Yas for me! Wallet is crying. Shout out to the CAD-USD exchange rate for softening the blow.

2017 Seawheeze Showcase Store Haul

Enough out of me, and on to the pictures. For those of you already following me on Instagram @athletikaty, sorry for the repeats.

For those of you who aren’t, head on over to insta to follow along my IG story covering all the Seawheeze happenings this weekend, and continue the downward scroll to see what I’m taking home with me. 🙂


These crops were a bit of a challenge to get. One of the hotter items, they flew off the racks pretty quickly. Let’s just say it took a good 30min of moseying, trolling and scouring around for ANY, then an 8 instead of the 6, and then a 10 instead of the 8’s.


SPEED SHORTS! I will probably get them dirty. If any of my CrossFit coaches try to make me do burpees in these, it won’t be pretty.


Blue from afar, this one is actually an interesting mix of black, blue and green with a tiiiiny twinge of red/pink.



After eons of feedback that everyone can’t believe I don’t own any Swiftly Racerbacks yet, today I listened to you all and bought one. Then I ran 3 zippy miles in it this afternoon. You were right. These things are pretty damn great.


Put a royal blue thing in front of me, and chances are high it’s going to make its way home to my closet. That’s just the way things are.


HICY. High C. Icy? I admit that I have no idea what this color is called. Can anyone help a sister out?

The Invigorate Bra has thankfully hung around for a little while this year. Already ripped the tags off this baby and took it for a 5K shakeout run today. Katy happy.


No pattern here, simply an excellent use of color. Yay!


Of course I thought the hat was just alright until I noticed the lime green trim. Put lime green trim on pretty much anything and I’ll fall head over heels for it. Fact.

Lastly, can’t forget the PRE-wheeze sale! Unfortunately, none of the items offered online were offered in the store, so I was unable to snag that jet stream blue Sculpt Tank that I had been eyeballing. As for the tofino shell print, I really like it in Speed Shorts, but ended up picking up and ultimately putting back multiple items in this print over the course of my shopping adventure.

But where’s all the reflective gear?!

eBay. Lululemon 911. BST. After Dark.

Even getting in line at 2:45a, I was just 10 shoppers into the second wave allowed in at 7:15. By then, there was another line (stanchions and all) in the middle, mobbing around tables with eds/volunteers behind it. Once I was able to see through the people and figure out what all the fuss was about, the announcement was made around 7:20a that all the reflective splatter was GONE.

It really does look that cool in person, but only the people willing to sleep on the street for 1 (or 2) nights prevailed.


  1. I’m dying at pictures of all the reflective gear but feel better knowing that even if I was there, I wouldn’t have made the cut to get any. Congrats on your haul!

  2. I like the blues – my thought on HICY is that CY part is for cyan (google a color swatch) HI could be hippy, high, high-contrast, etc. Glad you are on the swiftly tank train (i’m a hoarder with 20 or so of them). My wallet is happy that these colors aren’t the best on me nor did the patterns do it for me. In 2015 I bought from ebay 3 pairs of speeds and 2 stuff bras in the bug, pink/orange and blue/orange patterns – I’m still on the lookout for the green/blk stripe and the navy/black squiggle pair of speeds. I wasn’t able to go to vancouver and camp out and considering the prices I think I paid way less than just the air ticket. I AM glad however that you runners got to go first and get some online things that others couldn’t – you should definitely have first dibs. But man, the bug speeds and stuff bra are in my top 5 lulu items and that is saying alot!

  3. Also curious on the cropped CRB – how cropped is it? – that seems like an odd item unless it’s just a few inches

    1. They were cropped A LOT – like I would say at least half of the length was cropped off. Hopefully someone who bought one can do an overlay to show off how much the length was changed. I tried one on because it seemed short on the hanger and it was incredibly unflattering. It’s a very weird in-between length that isn’t really a true belly button baring crop top but also isn’t long enough to be a regular tank. Everyone I saw wearing one on race day had at least an inch of belly showing.

      1. thanks and yes anyone who can do a comparison shot – it would be welcome! of course I don’t know if they will translate that style into mainstream

  4. Awesome haul! After following your blog for a while I have come to conclusion that you and I have very similar tastes 🙂 Congrats on your run! I have a few items of clothes that require specific work out days to avoid the dirt lol

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