WMTM Alert: Lululemon Online Warehouse Sale

WMTM’s earned a new name on lulu’s website for the next few days, they’re calling it an online warehouse sale! Here’s what’s good.

There’s some fine print saying there’s a 25 item limit per day. TBH, these prices are not much more discounted than the usual WMTM markdowns, so if you can find 25 items to snap up, I applaud you.


WMTM Alert: July 2017 Lululemon Online Warehouse Sale

The highest end of the price range (let’s call it $70+) mostly features tights, totes & jackets. Going to focus on the more affordably priced items for now. 🙂

If you want gray ANYTHING, there is a veritable smorgasboard to choose from. I just got to use the word smorgasboard before 10:00a. Teehee.

Items Under $30

The Play All Day Sock and the Hybrid Headband were bundled into multi packs to help some of them move quickly. I have a Hybrid Headband. I like it.

  • Energy Bras for $29, in lakeside blue, raspberry glo light, bon bon, minty pink, butter pink, flare, and a few dandy digie options from last season. The black & gray shibori pattern is also on sale.
  • Cool Racerbacks – cut back stripe linen white black, cranberry, rio mist black white, sapphire blue, very light flare
  • Free to Be Bra – in berry rumble, cadet blue, lavender dusk, angel wing, lulu red, lakeside blue, biggie fleur sombre caspian blue black, and butterfly texture mink berry black
  • Tech Mesh Singlet – seal grey, forage teal, tofino teal, naval blue, butter pink, pink lemonade
  • Kitsilano Short Sleeve – black, white & two different types of gray. Basic layer.
  • Cardero Tank – white only, but I swear it was black only before. Tricky.
  • Cates Crop Tee – heathered pitch grey
  • Go Steady Bra – ultra violet
  • All Day Breeze Bra – viridian green. Love the front, bored by the back. whomp.
  • Wunder Short 2″ (Luxtreme) –
  • Sculpt Short – seamless construction, black, ultra violet & pipe dream blue. I love me some pipe dream blue. Wearing the CRB right now.
  • In a Cinch Tank – I remember trying this on once, AND liking it. I want one now. Too bad only a 10 is available in both the black and blue.
  • Rack Pack Bra – only size 2’s get to have fun with very light flare/peach fuzz and kayak.
  • Muscle Love Tank – white. yup. don’t spill your green juice.

Items Under $40

  • Power Y Tanks for $39, in 7 different colors
  • Free to Be Zen Bra – sea spray alpine white dark chrome
  • Love Tee IV – black cherry, mini stripe heathered arctic grey white, mini stripe heathered inkwell black, mini stripe heathered pitch grey black
  • Vinyasa Scarf *Rulu – on the bright side, there are mini check pique tender violet heathered tender violet & mini check pique sprinkler heathered sprinkler. Also, sailor stripe hero blue alarming.
  • Free to Be Tranquil Bra – plain old classic BLACK
  • Speed Short – midnight navy

I’ll keep an eyeball on the page for updates, because it sounds like stock might rotate. Currently eyeballing the $29 CRBs, of course.

Go shop!


  1. I bought a 105f singlet last week on wmtm for $29 and now they are $39. I was gonna grab another but I guess not. 🤔

  2. Got the shibori black energy bra and a pair of black sculpt shorts each at $29 but not much else catches my eye. Ha Ha after all my moaning about lack of color I snag 2 black items – but then again that’s pretty much what is out there black and grey.

  3. I was just at the Kittery, ME outlet last Saturday and bought quite a few things – 105f singlet, energy and free to be bras, and a few other items. Didn’t see many new or better bargains in the online warehouse sale today so my wallet is safe.

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