5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 6/20/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Another Tuesday come and gone. On Monday, I thought to myself that maaaaybe I should consider a 7-week moratorium on lulu spending leading up to the Seawheeze showcase store. Then despite its black & whiteness (shocker), there are two things in this week’s upload that truly tempted me for a few minutes. Just two.

As far as new color goes? None. Show me some razzle already! If more pieces get churned out in that color, I’ll quickly be telling them to shut up and take my money.

5 Faves & a Dud – 6/20/17 Upload

Favorites #1 & 2: Energy Bra ($52) and Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) Nulux ($128) in alouette

Sometimes, a black & white print actually works. I hate to admit it in this case, but I’m liking the gradient splatter. If it were consistent throughout the pant, I may not be as jazzed on them. However, I really like the look of both of these pieces together!


With the brighter lighting and higher contrast in the newest batch of stock photos, the Energy Bra is especially presented well. This new vibe, I like it. MUCH BETTER than those weird ones shot against the brown background.

Favorite #3: Fast & Free Crop II ($118) in dark adobe

While lululemon’s price points aren’t exactly the lowest, some are worth the cash more than others. Since grabbing my first pair in April, my nulux Fast & Free Crops have been my #1 running capris for Seawheeze training.

Because they set you back a Benjamin (and then some), I’m still going to hold out in hopes that this deep purple wave we’re riding (ie boysenberry, etc) will show up in an F&FII soon. Dark adobe looks pretty slick, though.

Favorite #4: Wunder Under Hi-Rise 1/2 Tight ($88) in wee are from space black slate

Wee have returned from space! So it’s no cyber stripe space dye, but – it’s nice to see a stripe-oriented pattern instead of flowers, which gives the flattering look in back. While printed luxtreme is lame, woven luxtreme is generally a good time.

Favorite #5: Speed Short ($58) in jaded

Just gonna leave Steven Tyler right here. Oh, the shorts are a nice color too… FOR OCTOBER! 😛

The Dud: Ornate Bra ($68)

The cut’s not working for me. Looks a bit slouchy, and I am doubtful on how much support this bra could provide.  Haven’t yet found a long-line bra that’s worked for me.

Not Squidward.

The ‘ornate’ pattern on the back makes me think of octopus tentacles. See? SEA? (#hardyhar)

This, That and What Else?

  • While I’m feeling apathetic about ditsy daisy as a pattern… the name made me giggle and I appreciate the contrasting straps on the Energy Bra. It’s something lulu’s gotten away from recently, and I hope they start to do it more.
  • If a sweatshirt moonlighted as a doily, you’d have the Space Crew *Eyelet. I like it.
  • Last time I tried on a Define Jacket, it didn’t wow me. That was also 2 years ago. The new submarine one has got me wondering if perhaps it’s a piece worth revisiting?
  • Whichever tank the model is wearing in the photo with the jaded Speed Shorts, I’m curious.
  • Ladies who layer the Cool Racerback II like I do the original, boysenberry will also look great… in October.

The alouette nulux WUP looks similar enough to the arsenal ambient grey black Runday Crops from a few years back to back me off the Order button, but not much else got me excited. Anyone else have a few new favorites I may have overlooked?


  1. I’m sitting on my hands over the reflective speed tights in wmtm. They have been sitting in my basket for the last week….

      1. You liked the reptile pace tights yeah? They’re on there too. In a 6 only…..too short for up here in the north but I love the print. Can’t pass up a good side pocket either!

    1. I agree, I think it’s the pushing limits tank. I wore mine out for a run the other day and it was nice to have some airflow around my mid-section while staying covered. I’d recommend it – I wish it came in livelier colors though!

  2. In the past two weeks, with the shades of pink/purple (Velvet Dust, Summer Haze, Pink Shell & Powder Rose) in the Free to Be Serene and the Energy Bras, I got excited thinking…is it finally happening? Some color?! Sadly, not really…ugh. I wonder if its because they plan things so far in advance, it was just too late to do anything about the Spring/Summer 2017 line?! Maybe we won’t see a fix until next year.

    I agree with your list for this week. I do like the Wunder Under Pants in that design, but still going to pass. Give me some fun pink or coral ones!

    I saw an article about LLL from 2013-ish the other day and they had a photo of the inside of a store, I was in shock at the items you could see. There were bright blues, bright pinks, fun greens, just color all around… it looked like a totally different store!

    Also, if you are a C or D cup and haven’t tried the new Free to Be Serene bra….GET IT. I couldn’t wear LLL bras until now because they are mostly designed for A & B cups. This fits wonderfully (I’m a 32DD), I already have it in four colors.

    1. I feel the same, I got excited 2 weeks ago and things seem to be falling flat again. 🙁

      If you cruise around on Poshmark or Lulu Fanatics, it’s such a bummer to see how the entire aesthetic has changed over the years. I started buying lulu in 2013, which is just about when the ‘fun’ started to be replaced with ‘serious’.

      In the past 3 weeks, I’ve gotten 3 new CRBs, all resale. If lulu won’t sell pretty things brand new, the best I can do is hope for some reasonably-priced EUC gear pops up in my size!

      Good to know about the Free to Be Serene. I want to love it, but it just doesn’t fit me right. Glad to know it’s making people happy!

  3. I saw the alouette wups in store and wasn’t impressed. I think the pictures look nicer than the actual item. Also, the nulux pants I have from black Friday (iridescent) don’t stay up AT ALL in my TTS and they fell apart after a couple of wears. I took them in and had the seams reinforced but they didn’t do that great of a job. Also, I know you like the fast and free’s and the adobe color is much prettier in person just so you know 🙂 PS luluaddict has pictures of them and the color is more accurate than LLL’s website.

    1. Hmm, sounds like the YOGA-ish nulux pants aren’t up to snuff. Sorry to hear, because I really liked those iridescent WUPs too!

      Also a bummer to hear because I’ve been putting an all-out assault on my F&F crops and they’ve held up quite well so far.

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