WMTM Alert: 6/22/17 Updates


It took a year or two, but I’m finally able to maintain my chill on Thursday afternoons. It’s a funny twist, given that the selection of different items has consistently been 5-6x the old school 30ish (40 on a good day) piece count.

262 pieces to wrap your brain around as of 1:30p ET.

WMTM Alert – 6/22/17 Updates

  • I LOVE my Smooth Stride Tank, so I’ll be snapping a black one up for $39. (Read my review)
  • Solid color Energy Bras! Polar Pink (2,4), Classic Navy (all sizes), Alberta Lake (2,4,10). Seems as though the blue shibori one has come and sold out already.
  • Surprised to see hero blue Pace Rivals in size 8-10. Yay for discounted basics in my size range! Usually the 2’s have all the luck.
  • Black currant Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve? Size 4 only. Woe is me.
  • Again, 8’s and 10’s score on the cerulean blue All the Right Places Crop II, despite the fact that the sale price is STILL the full price of most other crops.
  • Fans of the OG Hotty Hot Shorts can get a pop of color in viridian green (8,10,12) or grapefruit (10,12).
  • I got excited to see the nulux Like Nothing 7/8 Tight, but then I read the reviews. Tread carefully, seems like lots of shoppers have experienced quality issues.
  • Currently eyeballing the Two With One Singlet
  • I feel like if Elsa from Frozen wore Speed Shorts, they would be fairisle multi black/black.
  • A few more colors have been thrown into the $39 Invigorate Bra selection. (Not very) Blue tied, sea spray alpine white dark chrome and daisy dust alpine white black/black. I own one and think it’s incredibly comfortable. Supportive enough for a workout, but maybe not for double unders. Size down if you’re in between two sizes.
  • Can anyone speak to how the Love Tee IV fits? I’m thinking about adding one into the mix. Wondering if I should size down.
  • All I want from lululemon right now (aside from bright colors) are some black grape nulux crops. The Fast & Free Bra and the Tight have proven the fabric exists, I just wish it were turned into crops. Do I settle for the bra? Hm. (BTW, have a blue one. Go TTS with it. I wear an 8 in CRBs and a 10 in Energy Bras, the 8 in this bra fits me best.)
  • Wait a minute Mr. Socks Fox… the Lights Out Pace Tights have been sitting on WMTM right under my nose. DOH! Sizes 2 & 4 only. Waaaaaahhhh!!!!!



Looks like some more old pasta has been thrown at the wall… while they show sold out now, some Inspire Tights popped up on the main WMTM page. Interesting.

Anyhow, at the end of this write-up I just placed an order for a Smooth Stride Tank and an Alberta Lake Energy Bra. I pout that those Pace Tights aren’t in my size. Anyone else? 🙂


  1. I’ve been tempted by the Two With One Singlet and I’ve been loving the Veridian Green….so guess what’s coming to my house? 🙂 I picked up an Energy Bra in Classic Navy, I usually like a bright colored sports bra but I can’t pass up navy especially in the form of an Energy Bra. The price on the Hot Mesh tote dropped down to $49 so I picked one up in Jaded which looks like a very pretty dark blue. I liked that it has 2 different handles, as much as I like a good tote bag I LOVE a tote bag that I can also throw over my shoulder.

    I’m still waiting for all those bright colors to show up. I recently was in a store and it was so depressing. I know it took a bit for summer to get to New England but it’s here now and I don’t want to wear dark colors, no matter how pretty I find them. The store was all black, white and powdered rose which has a very gray undertone. On the bright side they had a bunch of Secret Socks for $9.

  2. I have the like nothing 7/8 right and they’ve been great. They can slip down a little until I’m sweaty and then they are fine. No quality issues. I do crossfit 5 times a week and they’ve had lots of wear since I got them in October.

  3. Ugh, I wasn’t fast enough on the Alberta Lake Energy Bra! Trying to decide if I want the navy as a substitute.

  4. Wow LLL have added more items in the UK site today in wmtm. Sooo much to choose from, it’s almost like it’s a closing down sale!!

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