The Fitting Room: Lululemon Lean In LS & Hint of Sheer Cropped Tank


Popped into my local lululemon this past Saturday and gave a few goodies a shot! Two tops included in the dressing room crapshoot are the Lean In LS and the Hint of Sheer Cropped Tank.

Hint of Sheer Cropped Tank ($44) in white

I’m not down with how some of the smaller models have been dressed in the latest stock photos lately. First with the Low Key Tank, and now this one. I am wearing a TTS 8, yet it looks drastically more drapey on the model than it does on me.

You can tell that the tank she’s in is too big for her, by noting how the hem drapes down on the sides. On me, the bottom hem ends up falling straight across. As for the fabric, I was not impressed. It felt so light that it felt cheap, instead of nice and gauzy.

In my lemonheaded opinion, there are many better options in lulu’s lineup to spend your hard-earned cash on than this top.

Lean In Long Sleeve ($78) in white

This one, I had mixed feelings about. The body on this shirt is fairly wide. Head on, I didn’t like how it fell on me very much. So much so that I deleted all the photos from that angle. Heh. From the side view, I’m now looking at this photo a few days later and thinking this top’s not so bad after all.

The bottom hem fell in a little bit of a short spot for me (I’m 5’9″), so instead of the hemline resting on the top of my hips, the shirt flapped in the breeze a bit. There is a drawcord on the bottom if you prefer to cinch. It’s a techier material, which allows it to be light in feel but drape with a little bit of weight to it.

For $78 and the fact that I already have multiple mesh lulu long sleeves for summer, I left it behind. However, I may swoop back around if it ends up on WMTM later this season.


  1. I take the styling as this is the only way we could make it look good in the drapey style. On the other hand the model in the upload with the SS Swiftly in Lipgloss with shirt bulled down past her bottom to her mid thigh looked really awful. I can’t think of any reason why you would stretch out the shirt and pull it down as far as you can – if this was the first and only photo of a swiftly I saw I would never ever buy it. The model also looks miserable in that photo. As far as the lean in shirt – it looks nice on you but I just can’t stomach $78 for a long sleeve white t-shirt.

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