5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 6/13/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

The minute you saw that super bright CRB2 uploaded, you HAD to know that I was going to bring it with some stupid razzle dazzle jokes. Since I’m feeling nice, I’ll let things slide with ONE. =^..^=


Let’s all take a moment and rejoice over the fact that lululemon didn’t actually upload a new black & white pattern to this week’s batch of news. Huzzah! I was just thinking to myself a week or two ago that if a neon reddish color came out, I’d have a tough time holding back.

Welp, self control better do its job. I walked out of lulu $200 poorer this weekend (Fast & Free Crop II, a Fast & Free Bra (only $29!) and a Baller Hat *Spacer Stripe), so I don’t need to spend any more $ unless I get some more older items listed and sold on Poshmark soon.

5 Faves & a Dud – 6/13/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Cool Racerback II ($48) in razzle

Geeeeeez. Looks like I’m not the only one who loved this tank immediately. In the time it took me to cruise upload, finish my Week 9 Seawheeze recap and heat dinner up, this color SOLD. OUT.

Wait, just kidding – that was just lululemon’s website choking when I went to click on the link. It’s back now. As you were.

Favorite #2: Vinyasa Scarf ($48) in heathered tofino teal

Vinyasa scarves don’t always come out in the brightest of colors, so I was excited to see this blue-raspberry looking color pop off the page as I was scrolling down. It looks to be single-sided, so you will be able to wear it in the warm(ish) cooler weather, without overheating.

Favorite #3: Tracker Short V ($58) in faded zap

Must admit, at first glance I thought to myself, “whoa, is clear mint back?!” Nope, faded zap. I’m still down for it. A+ to the stylist who opted to pair this bright shade with that Swiftly. I want that outfit!

Favorite #4: Energy Bra ($52) in pink shell

Alright, Goldilocks, you got your ‘just right’. For those of you who are too overwhelmed by lip gloss, but think powdered rose (also new this week) just isn’t enough… pink shell splits the middle.

Favorite #5: Intended Bra ($48) in black

The fifth was tough to choose this week, it came down to this bra and the boysenberry Pushing Limits Crop. (If you’re all about posting ass selfies at the gym, you probably need those crops. Primo V design in back to help give off the proper peachy vibe.)

Alas, I went with the bra, because it’s one of those nifty designs that’s more like 3 for the price of one. The cutout detail is fun to feature with an open-back shirt, and the fact that the straps are detachable means that you can rearrange them any way you like (or remove them altogether) to achieve a variety of different looks.

The Dud: Pushing Limits Bra ($58)

I’ll probably catch some flak for this one, but whatever. I know the current trend in sports bras is to look like you draped a haute couture extension cord over your chest, but I can’t help but wonder how long before someone f*cks up a finger and/or flashes the class because their finger got caught in some unnecessary loop on their outfit.

Pushing Limits? More like pushing my buttons. I will, however, admit that I like the way it looks in back. Bah! Save it for looking cute on the couch.

Anything Else? I Guess.

  • The All Tied Up Tank is back for another year, and seascape is a nice step away from boring to colorful(ish).
  • Even though the Pushing Limits Bra misses the mark for me, I do like some of the other pieces in the capsule this week.
    • The Pushing Limits Long Sleeve is reminiscent of last season’s Sun Runner LS, with a flattering overlapping reverse V in the back. Damn, this should have been Favorite #6 today.
  • This week’s upload is very heavy on the pink. Seeing items in powdered rose, pink shell, cherry blossom pink, strawberry milkshake and velvet dust. Barbie girls, go crazy!
  • Powdered Rose – the lightest of the pinks
  • Velvet Dust – a pinkish mauve, if you will
  • Cherry Blossom Pink – for once, a color you can visualize in plain English
  • Strawberry Milkshake – looks exactly CBP, IMHO

Sorry, I need to step away and stop my head from spinning around all of those cotton candy / pepto / bubblegum shades. Rose colored glasses are now engrained into my brain.

Thankfully, the only color uploaded tonight that I OMG WANT is in a style that I’m still stubbornly holding out on. Any other razzle items come up in the future, not sure how long I’ll be able to hold on! How about you?


    1. Same here. I can’t imagine wearing it to the gym. The bra feels kind of lingerie-ish. It’s the shiny object I’d use to distract the hubs from the other 5 things I purchased.

  1. Pink shell was the gateway color for my lulu addiction way back in 2012. I bought a SS swiftly and coordinating (remember when they used to coordinate items!?) in that color. I still have both items in my massive collection, and they get worn.

    As much as i hated the crb2 too, i gave in. I have true red (strictly bought it for the color last summer), toothpaste, and now want seascape. It really isn’t that bad, i just hate the stupid price increase.

    All the pinks look so similar, I’m having trouble telling them apart. Don’t forget figue in there, it came out last week in something. I love these shades of pink, so I’m not hating πŸ™‚

  2. I’m totally backing your dud too. I feel a wardrobe malfunction coming on trying to work out in those!! Finally some colour and the UK (where I live) has its summer sale on with well over 200 items in WMTM more tha. The Christmas sales! Lululemon will successfully be getting a lot of my money this month!

    1. I’m living under a rock and haven’t checked the UK site (or any international selections, for that matter) in a while. Now I’ve got to race over and look!

  3. Hi! I ordered the Faded Zap Trackers and prompty returned them. They were see through. The violet hotty hotty 2 shorts were a muted faded boring purple, not as depicted on website. Just to save someone the trouble form ordering!

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