5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 5/2/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

This Garmin’s got some nerve. Unlike the Apple Watch, that nicely nudges its wearer to maybe get up and walk around once an hour, saying “it’s time to stand up!” in a peppy fashion… Garmin must know their watches are worn by athletes who are accustomed to hearing more aggressive commands from coaches over the years, so it just says MOVE! once an hour. I just hooved it on a tempo run, and as I sit down post-shower to write this post, Gizmo here has the nerve to tell me to move! Grrrr.

So it’s the first upload of the month, which has traditionally resulted in the most exciting gear of the month. This go around, I’m not too sure… the much-hyped Enlite Bra is listed at $98. It’s even got its own crazy intense webpage to go with it. You’d think the threads were spun of gold.

5 Faves & a Dud – 5/2/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Speed Short ($58) in aero blue

I said out loud to myself while looking at upload for the first time, “Dude, where are all the colors?”. Aero blue is about the only bright this week. Looks like lululemon said YAY COLOR for a week and they’re back down with their muted selves again. At least these pretty shorts came of it.

Favorite #2: Secret Sock ($14) in dark mystic

Socks were the last piece of lululemon that I got on board with, thanks to the price tag. However, I found some of the Secret Socks for half price this winter, and I have to say that I wish I didn’t waste so much money at TJ Maxx trying to find cheap socks that would hide in my Converse or Vans slip-ons. Even the socks I got MADE BY CONVERSE to be worn with their own shoes were a bust.

After multiple wears and washes, I can now say that lululemon’s socks stay freakin’ put, and are worth every penny of the $14.

Favorite #3: Energy Bra ($52) in heathered black/black

Blink and you might miss that this is the Energy Bra and not more pictures of the Train Times Bra. Some of my older Energy Bras in the black(ish) family are starting to get a bit tired, so this one may be a prime candidate for a good ol’ swap out.

Favorite #4: Swiftly Tech Racerback ($58) in dark forest

This color, plus a summer tan? Yes please. Also available in a Short Sleeve and a Long Sleeve crew. Decisions, decisions!

Favorite #5: Train Times Short ($58) in black

Not the cutest and most dazzling design in the bunch, but I’m thinking about a summer of riding my bike ahead of me and not always wanting to wear crops, because chub rub. These shorts could end up being very useful.

The Dud: Light On Your Toes Sock ($18) in white

This is not the first time we’ve seen these weirdo socks in the mix. I do not understand the stylish musings behind them. Whhhyyyy?

Last Night I Watched Swiss Family Robinson.

  • That header has nothing to do with the rest of this week’s notes.
  • Alright, so the Enlite Bra does look like it could eat double unders for breakfast, lunch and dinner… but the price tag is pretty steep. It’s worth noting that instead of the usual sizing scheme, it comes in 30+ different combinations of band & cup sizes. If you’ve had trouble in the past with having a larger chest and crazy workouts, this one may actually be worth a shot if it puts all of your painfully bouncy problems to rest.
  • Aero blue truly is a pretty color. It’s not so pastel that you feel like an Easter egg, but not too aggressively dark, for those of you who’d like to keep away from bright primary colors. If you’re looking to get your fix aside from the Speeds, try the:
  • Dark Forest goes deep into the lineup this week, lots of options!
  • Even though there’s some blue thrown in there, aerial drift multi black is still too reminiscent of the excessive amount of B&W prints we’ve seen this winter and spring. If you think I’m full of bananas and want to give this print a go, try the…
  • Casual top of the week: Cardero Long Sleeve
  • Interesting uploadings in the Vinyasa Scarf selection today. Two old school patterns, mini akido stripe heathered black heathered silver spoon and triplet twin stripe heathered angel wing multi seem to have risen from the depths of who knows where to live another life.

Even though I just wrote an entire blog post about it, not sure I’d call this week’s batch of new stuff anything to write home about. What do you think?


  1. What designer came up with those socks???? On another point if it weren’t for blogposts and fun musings I don’t think I’d pay any attention to Lulu anymore. I do however appreciate seeing the highlights of the upload here and the color commentary always brings a smile or laugh. Unfortunately the clothes just aren’t doing it for me at all. My skin tone can’t handle muted colors. However I did pick up the naked energy bra last week and it did all i hoped for – looks great under bright colors like pistachio and sizzle so I could wear my crb collection in a more casual way without it screaming sports bra underneath.

  2. Hmm so the Train Times shorts are the same inseam as the Sole Training shorts, just without side pockets? Was really hoping for another 9″ repeat of last year’s Speed Track shorts.

    1. Oh but should add that I’ve been waiting for something like the Enlite Bra to come around this season. But $98? I’ve been trying to get Moving Comfort ones on sale lately…

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