Review: Lululemon Smooth Stride Tank


Viridian green dropped last month, and I just. could. NOT bring myself to succumb to the Cool Racerback II to get my hands on this color. At this point, one could say I’m being unnecessarily stubborn. I had a field day in the fitting room the day I bought the Smooth Stride Tank, and once I tossed it on just to get a vibe for the color, It was an unexpected keeper.

Review: Lululemon Smooth Stride Tank ($58) in viridian green

While the color was the biggest selling point for me, lulu’s selling points are seriously light luxtreme and UV protection. The color, though? Think of viridian as a deeper shade of bali breeze.


I’ve been on a 6-month kick of loose-fitting tops. I especially like them for running, so my FlipBelt can sneak in there without interfering with my shirt. While it doesn’t necessarily translate on the website with thinner models, this tank does a good job of staying loose, without looking like a potato sack. Luxtreme holds its shape well.


Compared to my standard original CRB, this one doesn’t quite have the length that I’m used to. However, given my penchant for high-rise running crops, it doesn’t make a difference to me.

The armholes are a bit wider, so they allow a pop of color to show through, like this jeweled magenta Energy Bra that I wear every. single. week.


While you get the color on the sides and in front, it doesn’t translate much in the back, and that’s okay. For every woman who likes to show a little something extra, there’s someone who prefers not to draw attention to their bra of the day.


Along the bottom, there’s a bit of mesh detailing, with a bonded seam. It stands out ever-so-slightly in the photo above.

I’ve taken this tank to both CrossFit and out for a long run, and it’s passed the test both times. While luxtreme can slide around in the form of tights & crops, I’m a fan of the fabric when it comes to tanks & shirts. This time, the product description is spot-on and it indeed helped me keep dry and cool on my interval run last weekend.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this purchase, and apologize for being so late on sharing this review. As of writing time, sea spray alpine white dark chrome and black are still available. TBD if more colors come our way, but if they do, I wouldn’t mind picking up a second one of these. 🙂


  1. This looks very good on you ( so did the swiftly tech racer back tank you tried on on instagram. I still think you need one 😉)and thanks to this review, i have discovered veridian green! I didn’t care for it before.

    1. Thanks! Still holding out on the Swiftly. I missed out on antidote, so I’m trying to hang on until another fun, bright color comes around. 🙂

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