Check Your Email, Seawheezers


The “we’re shipping your shorts” emails were sent out to Seawheeze registrants today! Last year, the pattern had already been teased, and I was able to figure out the source code to get the full-size images to share here.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.34.14 PM

This year, no such luck – the only part of the 2017 Seawheeze shorts pattern that’s been revealed so far is its name, “counter culture white black/black”. The photos are of plain black Speeds, and now the suspense is only building more.

Last year ended up with a disappointing feathery/fingerprint swirl to go along with the secret agent theme.

The 2017 Seawheeze Logo

Judging by the updated logo on Seawheeze’s facebook & twitter pages, along with some marketing materials, I’m hopeful that those smooth lines factor into the pattern in a flattering lululemony way.

What are everyone’s thoughts on what the shorts may look like, now that we know the pattern’s name? I don’t want to rush to boo any black & white, given that the chevron print from a few years back and which way sway are technically black & white. Fingers crossed for a big pattern with some bold contrasts!



  1. I’ve seen some pics today of the print and I really like it. It reminds me of a print from a few years ago- flowabunga. I guess it depends on how you feel about girlie flowers. Some people won’t be into it. But I’m bummed out not to be a runner and getting these shorts today! I think the SW merch will be cute this year!!

    1. I just saw the close-ups on Lulumum’s blog! I didn’t notice those yesterday. Kinda creepy. Maybe I don’t need them afterall, lol

      1. Still waiting on mine to arrive so I can get a good look in person.

        Without the online tease to everyone a few weeks ahead of the shorts’ shippment this year, I’m a bit disappointed that they all got dropped in the mail at once. Totally ruined the ‘surprise’ for runners who live a FedEx week from Sumner, WA – we saw them on social media first, instead of our doorstep 🙁

        The print is better than last year, still unsure if I’ll take the tags off of mine. Seems like lulu’s been trying too hard on the SW design for the past 2 years.

    2. The mouths I can deal with, but the eyeballs? Not sure. From far away, they look cute. Up close, makes you wonder if the design team was on some sort of psychedelic trip.

      1. For me, it’s the disembodied arms/hands that I can’t unsee! I agree though, the mouth kind of blends in.

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