The Fitting Room: Lululemon Mind Over Miles LS & Mind Over Miles Crop


If Wednesday’s mood could be characterized by any character in the history film, it would have been Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’s Veruca Salt. I was annoyed by anything and anyone that crossed my path for absolutely no good reason. So, what’s a girl to do in a huff on a random Wednesday in an attempt to assuage said cranky mood? Go to the mall and buy sh*t. Retail therapy at its finest. Therefore, I grabbed some of lululemon’s latest and had a bit of fun in the fitting room before taking a red tote of goodies home with me.

Mind Over Miles LS ($88) in jet stream

This is the first piece of the lot that I tried on, and thank goodness that it did not set the tone for how everything looked and fit. I actually featured this in my top 5 when the Mind Over Miles Capsule dropped last week, but after this try-on I must admit that I was wrong.

It had a very odd fit all over. Meant to be relaxed, I found the fit to be pretty boxy. While I like tops with a little bit of room, the stiff fabric didn’t let it fall at all. Even though the tags say Luxtreme, the fabric felt a bit stiffer than it should have. The shoulders kept the shape they had on the hanger, and didn’t adapt to ME when I put it on.

The length doesn’t make this a smart buy for taller women. Although there are thumbholes in the sleeves, my arms were too long for them to do me any good. Wanted to love this one so badly, but the second I put it on, it was an instant nope for me. 🙁

Mind Over Miles Crop ($98) in marvel

Because of their compressive nature, these crops look SMALL off the hanger. You know that feeling you get when you go to stick your leg into a pair of pants and think “there’s no way these are even getting over my hips, never mind my whole rear end”? Well, that happened.

Yet, my TTS 10 ended up fitting after all. The rise is on the high side, which I’m a fan of. They fit a bit tighter around the midsection than your average pair of lululemon crops.

While they were all well and good with the fit, the one thing that seemed a little weird to me was the way the small pockets are located in the front waistband. While most crops we’ve seen lately have the key pockets on the inside or right on the top of the seam, these are out in front, which looked a little out of place to me.

Instead of mesh (finally), the detail of the hour is perforation, and I didn’t find anything special about it. Long story short, I didn’t leave the store loving or hating these crops either way. I just didn’t leave the store WITH them. Marvel is a great color, but ultimately this wasn’t a pair of crops I felt like I needed to own.


  1. I tried those crops on yesterday. My tts fit… but likely should size up if I decide to buy them. They were super shiny, possibly an indication that I need a larger size. I didn’t love the stiff waistband.

    I did end up with the new print of the Dash & Splash hat (love) and a hero blue scuba for $49!!

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