5 Faves & a Dud: Grapes, Currants & Rainbow Sherbet

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Writing this intro before even checking lululemon’s weekly upload, and giving myself a mental pep talk: Don’t. Go. Crazy. Whatever appears that you may think is super cute and a half, realize that you need to buy your wannabe-runner self a Garmin watch and those aren’t cheap! Fiscal responsibility is cool.

*deep breaths*

*loads page*

*loads page again*

*loads page, one more time, still sees white*

*loads page again, patience thins*

*eventually goes to sleep because lululemon was so effing late with upload*

GOOD MORNING. Last week, lululemon (and the fancy activewear scene in general) was obsessing over all white everything, let’s see what the OMG du jour is…


Rainbow sherbet! We are seeing colourways that will most certainly help you dress like this cone of rainbow sherbet for your next fitness outing. Whites from last week, and a little bit of pop orange and dark prism pink from this week’s upload to round out the look.

5 Faves & a Dud – 4/18/17 Upload

NOTE: If you are reading this on a big monitor at work… STOP before you get to the photos of today’s Dud. Trust me. Save yourself some embarrassment and potentially awkward reactions from anyone who walks by behind you, read this on your phone.

Favorite #1: Invigorate Bra ($58) in pop orange

Pardon me while I add this to my shopping cart. I’ve tried on the Invigorate Bra in other colors, but for some reason this one’s jumping out at me. It wants a good home.

Favorite #2: Low Key Tank ($54) in black

Hey you, you’re perfect wear to around the house and then out to brunch… all the time. I may low-key NEED this thank. See what I did there?

Favorite #3: Cool Racerback II ($48) in dark prism pink

While I’m not a personal fan of the CRB2 vs the original, I have to give credit where credit is due in the way of colors. I’m happy to see dark prism pink & pop orange this week, the next step is to hope that lulu starts to go back to its once-successful formula of mixing multiple bright colors into a single piece.

Favorite #4: Pace Rival Crop ($88) in black grape

The Pace Rivals have been largely flying under my radar for a bit of time now, but black grape is drawing me in. I didn’t quite find a piece that I absolutely loved (and wanted to pay for) the last time black grape came around, but I haven’t bought a pair of crops in the Inspire II/Pace Rival family since January of 2015. Maybe I should reevaluate?

Favorite #5: Cortes Box Tee ($58) in white

This design is about as plain as you can get, but I like it that way. Throw this one with some comfy denim shorts and sandals and WHAMMO, casual summer uniform without showing too much skin. By “without showing too much skin” I really mean “hiding those tan lines from that trendy front strappy bikini you just *had* to have and now ruined V-necks for yourself for the next 2 weeks”.

The Dud: Arise Bodysuit ($68) in black

I just can’t with this one. I understand with the way it’s cut it’s meant to layer underneath whatever you’re planning in the shorts/pants department, but between that and the wide open back (I never understood how the straps stayed up on those things), there’s too much 80’s going on for me to overlook. While this piece may end up working for some ladies, it definitely won’t be coming home to a closet near me. Ever.

Semi-Honorable Mentionable Shout-outables

  • Pop orange contributors to the rainbow sherbet vibes:
  • Dark prism pink (which I’m going to have to hunt down and compare to paradise pink) options:
  • An very honorable mention goes to the blueberry jam Free to Be Serene Bra. I want to try one on before pulling the trigger, so I may be hoofing it on over to the mall this weekend.
  • The Arise capsule seems to be peppered throughout the What’s New page, and there are some interesting options…
    • The Arise Short. They look more like the high-rise swim bottoms I’ve been eyeballing than actual ‘shorts’, but I guess that’s almost what a pair of Boogie Shorts starts to look like after rolling up the quads during an hour of pigeon and down dogging, or in my case, sleeping.
    • Arise Bra – it’s nulu, looks cute in the front but I’m not the biggest t-back fan, so I won’t be paying much attention to this one, who cares how soft it is
    • Arise Cropped Long Sleeve Tee – naaaah. Long sleeves but low back and cropped length means you’re still going to be cold if you wear this.
    • Arise Tank – I just want to know why some bras seem longer than this tank, and who makes the decision over what makes a long line bra vs a tank top? #deepthoughtswithlulu
    • Though the other 4 pieces aren’t winning many points for me, I do like the idea of a the very plain Arise Long Sleeve Tee. I’ve got a very similar trusty black crew neck from Banana Republic that I’ve been wearing since 2008 and it still looks great. I’m actually wearing it right now, and I’m starting to wonder if after almost a decade I should consider purchasing a similar backup… like the Arise LS.
  • Speaking of t-backs, I know UA and Nike like to use the look fairly often, and it looks like lululemon’s racing to play catch up with the Swiftly Tech T-Back.
  • Continuing the perforation vibes from last week, the Anew Crop is finally a running crop that doesn’t have a crap ton of mesh cutouts all over the place. Just some simple perforation around the bottom of the legs I can deal with. Black grape, I see you over here and I like you too.
  • With my talk about black grapes this week, it’s worth noting that black currant is also making a strong showing on the front page:

Well, bananas. It’s 8:32a and I still need to do all of my makeup and get myself to work in the next 28 minutes. Lululemon, can you not wait until after my bedtime for upload next week? THANKS.

The pop orange Invigorate Bra is in my shopping cart right now. How about you?


  1. I love my Pace Rival Crops. Got me through a half marathon in the fall. Highly recommend. I might need those black grape ones…

      1. So exciting! Which one did you get? I mentioned training with the Garmin in my reply to your email but I just got notice from gmail that they couldn’t get it through to you?? Lemme know if that’s the case and I can try to resend?

      2. I went with the Garmin Forerunner 235! Thanks for the heads up about the email, I’ll look into that ASAP and let you know what I find! I just tried sending test messages from my work and personal email addresses and no dice on either. That shouldn’t be happening!

  2. I love the new pop of color but I will always have a soft spot for blue, all shades of blue and black grape. I love pace rival crops for CrossFit. I can’t speak for light colors or patterns but they are not sheer and stay put with enough coverage if my shirt rides up. Black grape will definitely be coming home to me.

  3. I really wanted the black currant aligns and missed out. Thinking of the all the right places pant but the closest store is a 30 minute drive, 30 minute ferry and 15 minute walk away. Not sure its worth it.

  4. New reader of your blog and really enjoying it. Your reviews are great.

    I need to vent about this and thought it would be the best place. Maybe someone knows the scoop? I loved the High Times Full On Luon pants. These pants would constantly sell out in all colors almost immediately, I always had to act fast to get another color. But then suddenly, they just stopped making them! It took me a bit to figure out that the 7/8 Wunder Under High Rise replaced them. Acouple weeks ago, they released that nice blueberry jam shade in the new 7/8 WU and 48 hours later, sold out in every size. No more uploads of them since! Why lulu why?! If they are selling out that fast, give us more colors!!! Why do they do this, whats the scoop?!

    1. *welcome wagon rolls in*

      HI JULIET! 😀

      I wish I knew the strategy behind lulu’s supply chain decisions, my guess is they make a flat amount of most every new release and it’s up to customer demand to determine how long before they’re gone.

      Luckily (not sure if that’s the right word), with how neutral-heavy the lineup’s been, chances are decent if you miss an inkwell, there’s a deep navy, a midnight navy, a blueberry jam or a hero blue on the way.

      In core styles, it seems as though the only color to be consistently replenished (because it never seems to go away) is black. Everything else is a crapshoot, and my guess is that lululemon likes to keep it that way to keep buyers on their toes and more likely to make impulsive purchases.

      If you’re afraid something will sell out fast, you’re less likely to stop and think about spending what isn’t a small amount of money, and just BUY IT NOW. Lulu is banking on us to go bananas and crossing their fingers buyer’s remorse doesn’t kick in.

      1. Thanks for the insight!! I think you hit the nail on the head with the whole impulsive “Buy It Now!” idea. That makes a ton of sense. I will just keep watch for the next shade of blue in those and yup…do a millisecond impulse buy without thinking about it once it comes out. HA…you win Lulu, you win.

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