WMTM Alert: 4/6/17 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

The month of April is acting like April Ludgate. Spreading the rain and gloom and enjoying every minute of it. As much as I like my wellies, I’ve been wearing them far too much lately! There hasn’t been too much exciting going on in lululemon’s We Made Too Much section lately, but here’s the best of the lot right now.

WMTM Alert – 4/6/17 Update

  • A full size run of the Free to Be Zen Bra inĀ shatter weave desert teal alberta lake.
  • The season to enjoy a Vinyasa Wrap is wrapping up (see what I did there?), so they’re down to a somewhat reasonable $39.
  • The Love Racerback looks super comfortable, and it’s a great price – $29 – but last time I went nuts for soft & loose racerbacks in 2014… I bought 3. I have since sold 2. Still, $29? I am tempted šŸ™‚
  • I like the cut & fit of the On Track Long Sleeve, but that heathered bright color fabric doesn’t always tickle my fancy. $64 is also a bit steep.
  • I think I may have completely done a mental bypass of line up white black amongst its monochromatic brethren this winter. I actually like this pattern. Free to Be Bra, if you were marked down to $29 instead of $39, I’d probably be buying you.
  • The Hit It Jacket looks fun, but I’d feel so naked without a stand-up collar or hood!
  • The midnight tulle multi Run It Out Tight isn’t a new add to WMTM, but it’s not helping that they STILL have my size available. I am trying to resist! Basic black is available in a full gamut of sizes as well for $89.
  • Frozen fizz white black is on the move out the door, options include:
  • Not known to be the most supportive, the Free to Be Tranquil Bra is still kicking in 4 colors for all of your ‘wearing around the house’ needs.
  • Speed Shorts – I wish the $34 days would come back, but they never do. Daisy dust alpine white black &Ā line up white black are $49, andĀ life lines polar pink black are $44.
  • If only they heathered wild bluebell Tie It Up Singlet were available in my size! Alas, only 10 & 12.
  • Pool water! Nulux! Flux 50g multi blackĀ Energy Bra!
  • I will continue to Ā lament that theĀ life lines cerulean blue black High Times Pant are fullux until I’m blue in the face.
  • Loving lululemon socks lately, eager to try more. May need to give the Light Speed Sock a try next. I’m determined to not be so blister-ridden on my runs this year.
  • In case we all don’t already own enough black pants/crops with mesh cutouts:
  • I tried on the Gear Up Bra a couple weeks ago, and I liked it! So, hmmmm…
  • Speaking of the Gear Up line, I got the Gear Up Crop on sale 2 weeks ago and have been loving them ever since. Size 6’s they’re available in poseidon. Just sayin’ šŸ™‚
  • Down at the bottom of the page, I’m daydreaming about the Short Stop Long Sleeve.
  • The After Waves Dress is making me cranky about how much I want a beach vacation right now.

Throwback Thursday

Some older prints are resurfacing after a while to see if the ‘novelty’ of some older unsold gear prompts buyers to spend a few extra dollars:

Some of this stuff… I wanna buy it. I can’t blow the lulu budget on the 6th day of the month. But what if I miss out? What if I sell more old stuff to make room for new?

Decisions, decisions… anyone find a gem in this week’s lot?


  1. I bought the Love Racerback in white when it was $39 and have been waiting for it to drop more. Just bought the black and gray. It’s a great top.

  2. Hi Katy, did you try on the On Track Long Sleeve? Did you like it? Is it TTS? Was there something about the fabric in particular you didn’t like? I am thinking about the top but it isn’t much of a markdown.

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