WMTM Roundup: 2/9/17 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

Raise your hand if you woke up this morning, opened up the curtains and muttered “whoa, sh*t” aloud as you saw winter storm Niko throwing a frozen hissy fit outside.

Not calling it an ‘alert’ today, because with how unspectacular last week’s upload was, I didn’t even post an update. So, this week’s summary is of what’s new this week and what’s still kicking around.

Not to mention I was shoving a bunch of shipping cases around all morning and drinking a celebratory beer atop Aspen Mountain in the afternoon, because #priorities.

One of my friends just asked for my home address. I said I live on the moon.

543548 Celestial Way
Outer Fckin Space, MW %$53#


WMTM Alert – 2/9/17 Edition

Recurring Themes


Tops & Tanks

Shorts & Pants

  • Still 5 colors available in the Wunder Under Hi-Rise for a somewhat reasonable-ish $68
  • Looks like the Fresh Tracks Tight underperformed as well, because there are SIX different colourways available on markdown right now.
  • I’m a fan of the score jacquard WUCs I got in January, so I consider the Outrun 17″ Crop in score jacquard black indian ocean/black a find!
  • I’m finding the heathered black Featherlight Tight difficult to resist, but I am not giving in!
  • Everyone’s (ok so ‘my’) favorite: Speed Shorts in life lines polar pink black/black, line up white black, mini midnight tulle multi ( <3 THESE)
  • Run Times Short in mini midnight tulle multi black
  • Tracker Short IV in ice breaker capri multi black or graf black white
  • Props to you if you can rock the grapefruit Speed Track Short in public.


Also… if I ever did yoga, I’d definitely be carrying my mat around in the midnight tulle multi Yoga Bag. Just sayin’.


Paid my AMEX down to ZILCH, and I’m going to try and enjoy that for more than a few minutes, so nothing new for me this week! Anyone else?


  1. That 105 singlet is AWFUL. Do not buy it. It’s not like the old one AT ALL. It’s make of some wimpy mesh fabric, not the nice soft fabric the old ones are. I’d be disappointed if this thing was $24.

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