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5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Hot hot HOT BROCCOLI! Yes, world – this is what Tuesday has boiled down to. Just burned my mouth on a cruciferous vegetable. A week ago, I was in Aspen! This week, I am back home and getting my rear end seriously handed to me by CrossFit.

Lulu actually snuck upload in last night (thank you Stacy for the heads up!), but I was already cozily under the covers, so here’s the usual Tuesday evening installment of color commentary.

Note: I’m a bit slow on the keyboard this evening because I’ve rediscovered Parks & Recreation on Netflix this week and can’t get enough of Ron Swanson & Leslie Knope.

I’ll say this now, pickins are slim on upload this week. Shoot, my nachos made last week’s list.

5 Faves & a Dud – 2/7/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Invigorate Bra ($52) in heathered black/black

Energy Bra in the front, sweet mesh in the back! Trying to hold out on any new lulu for a little while unless I *really* love it, seeing that I had a bit of retail fun in January. I don’t regret that Sleet Sprinter Jacket off of WMTM one bit, but I’ve got to pass up a few other things on the way to make sure it doesn’t whack the budget too hard. Too bad, because this is a beaut.

Favorite #2: Swiftly Tech LS ($78) in desert olive/black

Das shirt, me like. Das price tag, still don’t like.

Favorite #3: Go Lightly Belt Bag ($58) in black

Call it a fanny pack all you want, but belt bags are super useful. I picked on up from lulu last spring and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it. So… yeah. Not to mention, this one looks like it’s going to be a pretty good crossbody in disguise. If I didn’t already have something very similar, I’d be giving this one a shot.

If only the stylist would have put the model in a lighter shirt so that we could actually SEE the bag and all of its details. It gets lost against the navy.

Favorite #4: “Yellow-haired female. Likes waffles & news.”

Sorryyy….. but there really isn’t much to choose from this week from the clothes. But Parks & Rec keeps bringing the amusement!

If/when I jump back into the online dating pool… pretty sure my profile would read something like that. 😛

Favorite #5: Power Y Tank ($52) in deep rouge

With the CRB’s death, I’m sooner or later going to have to try a new friend on if I want to keep up the layering with any new colors lululemon decides to introduce. Thoughts?

The Dud: Non-Stop Bomber Jacket ($128) in dark chrome

I’m bad at bomber jackets (Boxy McBoxy AF), and this dark chrome is simply not working for me. Reversible or not, pass!

Am I still watching, Netflix?


This is usually where I list off the other notables of the week, but NOTHING is inspiring me to keep on typing right now. Is it just the fact that I have the attention span of a goldfish this evening, or is this week’s upload really that unspectacular?


  1. I like the power y, but I like the crb1 more. I say give it a shot, you might like. But… I read the support isn’t great, so that may get in the way. I’m a 32b, so the support isn’t an issue for me.

    1. Right??? Why is everyone obsessing over them? Of all the try on photos I’ve seen, none of them look good. I feel like in the LLL community someone will say that something looks amazing and then everyone else just follows suit and then all of a sudden you have a unicorn of a fugly ass looking jacket.

  2. I was a huge Power Y fan when I was thinner. Plenty of support for my 34B chest and I even wore them to work layered under other tops on days when putting on a bra seemed far too complicated to deal with before 8:00 AM. I lived in those things! I’m now 36C and find there’s a bit more cleavage than I usually share with the world and the support’s only good enough for yoga. I don’t buy or wear them as frequently as I used to but I’m tempted by the deep rouge color. I find it fits best in a size up from my CRB size. I always size up at Lulu when buying tops with built-in bras and the Power Y is no exception.

  3. I have around 40 Power Y’s – in a rainbow of colors (mostly bright back in the days when orange, green, pink and yellow were around!) They are my favorite top for yoga not sure how that would translate though for cross fit. I wear same size in power-y as in crb and find that the slightly tighter fit helps hold my chest in better – 32c/d. I hem them all for a nicer silhouette as i like them to come right to the cross seam on my wunder unders. CRBs are my go to with speed shorts and for casual layering.

    I went to see the deep rouge color in person – I like it but would have loved it in September. The other trouble is that Lulu no longer coordinates these colors with patterned wunder unders. Had a conversation this past week (while getting my vintage ebay finds hemmed) about the lack of color/variety and fall colors in spring. The wall of pants has only the tiniest peek of blue in a sea of black. GECs commented they were hoping to get some brighter colors too – shop was absolutely dead – here in atlanta black only sells so far – bright colors get snapped up.

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