WMTM Alert: 1/26/17 (aka MY UNICORN GOT MARKED DOWN!) [Updated]

lululemonWMTM Alert

Thursday morning, make it a double! Double the amount of items in WMTM this week. Last week’s update was scarce at best, so let’s see what kind of fun has reappeared, shall we?

By the way, it’s 5 degrees out here in CO. Brrrrr.

By the double way… the item count doubled but every single thing I click on is showing Sold Out right now. Dafuq, lulu. The app is showing only 13 new pieces. Yup, I’ll go off of that. If the desktop website gets its act together, I’ll update this post a little bit later today.


I have been eyeballing this jacket since it came out, cautiously flipping over hang tags in hopes of seeing purple for months. YAS! 😀

WMTM Alert – 1/26/17

  • The Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise is still holding strong in 7 different colors at a somewhat reasonable $69 price point.
  • The Run for Cold Jacket and Run for Cold Vest seem to some and go and come and go, so if you’re still eyeballing one, take a shot and see if one actually ships?
  • If you’re pregnant, grab the Acadia LS for $49. No joke. It’s like a muumuu with sleeves.
  • The white Deep Breath Tank is pretty. And girly. And $29. And only available in size 8.
  • Not a newcomer, but… good think the darkest magenta Define Jacket is only available in a 4. I seem to be liking it more than usual today.
  • Also not new, but size 2’s I’m telling you the Sleet Sprinter Tights are pretty sweet.
  • Not sure why I’ve seemed to ignore the Fit Physique Tight in the past, they look rather awesome today. I think I have spandex fever. Hold strong, self.
  • Surprised to see the blooming pixie High Times still kicking it available in all sizes. I guess you can only be so pretty before sheerness turns everyone off?
  • The Wunder Under Pant and Wunder Under Pant III are both available in heathered slate. So confusing. I know they’re not the same pants, but really they’re pretty much the same pants.

UPDATE: More stuff seems to be trickling in after I posted this in such a hurry, flipping out over the Sleet Sprinter Jacket.

  • The Hit It 21″ Crop is like if the Speed Tight and Pace Rival Crops procreated. Cerulean blue (all sizes except 2) looks good on everyone, and you can’t go wrong with black (all sizes). Now $69.
  • Short torso? Try the On Track Singlet. Long torso? Try the Love Racerback.
  • Fans of the CRBII’s fit may like the edgy design on the back of the black Cool Racerback SE Infinite, even though the MD price just takes it down closer to the OG CRB full price.
  • For a comfy luon around the house zip up, you can’t go wrong with the Wander Jacket. Heathered slate is still around in 8 & 12, black is available in a 10 only.
  • Free Runner Tank, I like you. I don’t really have the bod to pull it off at this point in time, but you – are – FUN!
  • The Cardio Squad Tank II has shown up for $49. Still priced a bit high IMHO.

Anyone on a post-holiday spending ban fold like a napkin  like I did? That jacket <3


  1. MY UNICORN TOO!! Just bought it. Despite being on a “no buy”. I’m pathetic…but at least I’ll have a great jacket!

    1. I generally take a 10 in zip up stuff at lulu and 8s in tanks (which is supposed to be TTS). If you lift and have big shoulders, I’d err up – but I can’t speak for the world.

      Anyone already own this jacket that can help??

  2. I picked up the Sleet Sprinter a few weeks ago when my store marked it down. Love it! 😍 It’s TTS for me, which is my general rule on jackets. I would say size up only if you want to wear thick layers underneath or you normally have to size up for jackets.

  3. My unicorn too, I’ve been stalking that jacket every Thursday waiting for it to go on MD! My store had exactly one in stock, in my size (must have been an internet return) so I literally ran down there because my car is in the shop and I’m stuck without a car today. I’ve never been so motivated to lace up my running shoes and pound the pavement. Plus, I had been saving gift cards so my total was less than $40 after tax. Woo hoo, today is a great day!

  4. I had been stalking this jacket as well and probably had the same reaction as you when I realized it was finally marked down!! I hadn’t even actually had an opportunity to try it on (my closest store is an hour away) so I bought it blind. Well I haven’t received mine yet but had a chance yesterday to try it on in store and it is a beauty!!! I’m so glad that I finally got one AND it actually looks really cute on (phewf!)! Really pumped to actually receive it now!

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